Sunday, April 18, 2004

The Craziest Thing I Ever Seen

Today's mood :> far the craziest thing i ever seen is.......RM2300++ Telephone Bill......OMG!!! it's my last month telephone bill..i really can't imagine it if my father see that..but luckily my family didnt talk bout that..PHEW~~cuz my brother going to pay that..LoLx..for me, i only use my house phone for internet..only rm100+..T.T im so sked if my parents wants to cut the phone line....i'll not be online anymore........wu wu wu wu.......but it's ok now...n my mom is sleeping peacefully *snoring* on my lovely comfortable bed..^^

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

-=[s!LLy s!x]=-

Today's mood :>
erm..silly six is the name of my gang of frens from cd32, TOA. They are cute and funny yet always pass up their works on time! such a good gang of frens or classmates..^^ im happy to know u guyz..(tricia, evonne, jeremy, caryn and ram) although we're going on our own life later on (except for the love life of jeremy n evonne) LoLx..we've had our sweet times n memories even i juz knew u guyz for around 6 months..if can i hope our friendship will go on to forever..but this seems imposibble..tricia's going to get scolarship n leave TOA..ram n i r going to take multimedia as our major..wish that someday we'll yum cha taking this advantage, i wanna apologize for whatever i did that might hurt u guyz so sorry..but i dun think i did..:P hope u guyz can archieve the best in ur studies..good luck to u guyz..cya again~ dun cry baby..i love u guyz

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

RedBox lalalalala~

Today's mood :>
come singgggg along with me..^^im going redbox near pyramid later on..but actually im not good at singing..but im good at shouting all the way..LoLx..somebody can teach me sing pls? Raise up ur hand!