Wednesday, November 24, 2004

3rd Chance from God

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u might find that u'r lucky to have 2nd used to be feng's group presentation..but becuz of lacking of time..they're allowed to present next week..i know it's a happy aint bad but when they say they might have the 3rd chance from very unhappy but not angry or mad at them like one in my class..hehe..i said "Go to hell!" when they said that..bcuz if u think that He will give u the 2nd chance..go n try to kill urself c whether He'll save ur life..then u'll know whether He loves u..or not?i know this will make somebody sorry for that la..pls look around whether there's a chance for u to do something useful..dun waste any chance but anyway im wasting time in here not a good example too :( anyway, u r welcome to gimme some comment on this title lo.. :)

To Be Continued...

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aww man..i juz got news from Fish..she said chee fong, my OLM lecturer going to resign..i tot he was kidding me..anyway he's really a good lecturer..everything is nice on him..anyway..he's sagis too..maybe u'll say "aww...sagis again a.." sorry bout that..but sagistarians r always nice n kind guy to me..o.O wonder y...back to the resign thingy..he's playful in class..but i guess most of my classmates like him..he gave me a bday present..talked to me when im upset..solving our programming problems..sad to hear that lah..but i wish this is not what he wish to do..i'll tell myself he's forced to resign..anyway he's still a good fren of mine :) everybody cross ur fingers n pray for him ba..if u hope that he'll leave the one, pls at least wish him get a better job..hehe..


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faith is a nickname of a fren of mine..he's a nice guy bcuz he's sagis..haha..he's quite leng chai 1 er..n still available leh! okok..go to the main point, tmr 25 Nov is his 21st bday..if im not went to eat KFC with bunch of classmates..including "soulforger" my OLM lecturer, chee fong..i felt happy to eat with lotsa frens lo..although nobody belanja home pc still can't online bcuz of the f*cking modem..i've paid "stimyx" for almost half a yr without using it..arggh...crap crap should be abit tired but luckily i rest whole nite long last nite..i should be rushing marker visual..but too tired to continue awake to the 37th went to sleep..i know it's not good to rush last minute work but things doesnt go so smooth..that week b4 this i was badly sleepy n tiring..althou im still feeling that way now but i tried not to touch my bed becuz i'll definitely asleep..i think that's the way to continue my work..dun waste the 1/3 life time on continue work..eugene had come back from really happy with it at 1st but not too sure about him..i know he has to spend time with his not mad on him that he didnt find me at the 1st place..i didnt even crazy bout him now..time has washed away my feeling..?nah..nothing can wash away it but he not asking anything from him now but i wish that he's fine, i wish that he's blessed by the one above us..maybe the one i love is not him but "he" that always stay in my heart.."he" is perfect n illusion in my heart of a perfect man that having his it's not him...argh..i wish u can understand what i mean..this post is too long liao la..i continue in next post..haha..

Thursday, November 18, 2004

smile to the world

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yea..y am i using 'smilega1' (smile girl) as my email...usernames and etc...becuz i think smiling is a good attitude (that's for sure la) and will make the day becomes prettier and smoother..ah....crapz...posting this piece of bloggie is becuz of the fella beside me, Fish...she forced me to type..>< haha...c..she's laughing already..hrmph!~ but many ppl oso say that im lazy to write bloggie update for my fans' convinience...=.=" okay la...update when im free again.....*yawnz* oh yea...found a nice percussion webbie..STOMP... have a look on their performances ^_^

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


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alrite alrite..somebody is complaining that im pressuring them on my really happy and appreciate those comments u guyz gave me..especially my lovely kor kor , eugene that had left malaysia (and me..T_T) for his further studies in Australia..kor, thx for ur msg..nvm la..u already forgot my bday for 3 yrs edi..dont really mind that liao..and it's better this yr that at least u visit my's really the 1st time u visit here rite? in other hand, im not so happy that i had made somebody misunderstood by my sms after my bday..i didnt mean to hurt him but i have to learn to say "NO" from now on..kor, i got abit heartache when u said u'r happy that i found my true loved 1..i tot that i can't forget u and everything that happened between u and me..those lovely n sweety memories..finally i found out that..if 1 day..i suddenly think of u, means that i already forget help me look forward..but of cuz, i'll nvr forget those days we had together..i wanna thank u for giving me those memories, advises, kisses and huggiez..thank for bluffing me so that i feel happy behind the beautiful lies...i wish u'r blessed over there and having happy times like me :) i really hope that u can come back malaysia safely..god bless u...(im not a christian ya..)hehe...