Monday, October 18, 2010

I miss old days

Today's mood :>
it has been half year since that day. i've never seen you since then. i know u've moved on and i shouldn't have even care about it. and im sure u don't even miss the days we have been tru together.

it's really like a smack in my head and woke up and wondering what happened. things that we used to do together suddenly nvr happen again. i always thought that i'm reaching the ending that i expected and wanted, but my future just changed within a night.

i couldn't hide anymore. i didn't tell anybody that i still miss u. still crying for u now. in fact, i don't have anybody to talk to. u didn't know that i have no choice that day. u didn't know how cruel u've been that night.

u don't know that i didn't want to let go even u broke my heart. that's bcuz i wan to live the rest of my life with u. tell me what happened that night and after that. i really wanted to listen to u, talk, and we get over it. but u don't know the reason why i can't talk to u. that the time i need u the most.

just come. and take me away with u. i miss u, and the old days.

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Today's mood :>

I'm listening Jaycee Fong's Liang Ge Ren (2 person), super emo song. argh.

Maybe I don't know how to live with another half of me. No matter how much I desperate for hugs, caring or love.

My path is a one-way-street and I can't turn back anymore. I miss, i do miss, miss everything in the past. A smile or laughter would satisfy me.

It's not that I get emo everytime I drank. It's just that beer can make your cautious level drops, hence my right brain take over left brain and let go of my inner emo. I'm not random, but I hope someone could understand me. I hope that someone would appear and give me a hug and cry with me...