Wednesday, June 01, 2011

I had a great life

Today's mood :>
I had a great life.
I didn't have a job, but my full time freelance income is pretty stable and more than enough to survive.
I didn't own a car, but there's always someone who could drive me.
I had a bf, although he can't satisfy my romantic needs, but he never cheated on me, yet, his parents love me like their own daughter.
I have family who is understanding and never give up on me, luckily, they still do.
What else I can ask for?

I know, this blog is full of negative thoughts. But this is where I can shoot out everything I feel.

Tell me why,
Why are these happening to me?
I don't want to blame everything on me trusting friends, but it's always "friends" that get me into troubles.
Is this how my life would end? With no achievements, no companions, just an empty soul?

I didn't do anything bad. At least, I didn't have intention to hurt anyone..