Monday, August 10, 2009

Am I a bad daughter?

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I already moved out from my family's house for almost 3 years. I go back like once or twice a month. No, it's not far from the place im staying now, around 20 mins drive. Now I dun feel like moving back honestly. I'm wondering am i really the worst daughter in the world..

my mom always call me. It sounds good, but the fact is she just ask money from me. YES, I know, as a son or daughter we should pay back to parents as they gave birth and feed us for us to grow up and be orang berguna. But is that all you can talk to your daughter who has been staying in other house for almost 3 years? Can't u just ask bout my work or life? I'm not earning much from my work. Though my kind bro borrow me his car for me to drive to work in Mont Kiara, I had to pay all my expenses other than car loan. One of my friend even told me that she thinks I'm stingy. I didn't put any effort to belanja or even ajak friends to go yum cha. The question is, can I afford to do that? Do you notice I always wear same pair of sport shoes everyday? And I only have 1 pair of jeans? And I only have 1 hand bag?

Honestly I get quite pissed and even sometimes very sad that I couldnt earn much. I can't have the life I want to live in. Im off for now. Just to rant. Still office hour. Ciaoz.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

It's just me

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