Friday, October 22, 2004

4 a.m

Today's mood :>
today is my birthday..yea..22 Oct..last nite i had the most memorable birthday celebration with my lovely sweety bf >///< he brought me to a restaurant called "tian mi mi" <--in chinese, meaning sweety..hoho..after that he bought me a chocolate cake roll and white candles..LoLx..u know those for candles used when no electricity? haha..celebrating my last 4 yrs bday n next yrs' bday..after that we had a good sleep until 4am..that was the time my mom called my hp n asked me to go home quickly..yeah im "cinderella" that's the end of my most memorable bday..bcuz since im born..every single bday i've been is always on exam period..last yr i started my college life..but pet bro's sister passed away so i went to her funeral on my it's the most most sad bday i've i wanted to change everything..bday should be happy 1..rite? i wish everybody is blessed n have everything smooth in their lives..and thanks for everyone who wish me happy birthday :) i love u guyz ..u guyz roxxx yea...