Thursday, April 28, 2005

My MSN Space

Today's mood :>
so long didn't post here..hehee..too busy with msn space :P i got a powerbook edi now..need to enhance my skill on many software using mac ler..hrmph..but too bad i dunhaf those software..need to money edi la..200 bux for the sh*t multimedia authoring's final project more plan for my holiday...althou it's passing fast ler..sigh..need rest ler..jaa...

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Morning Birdie..

Today's mood :>'s mood not bad lah..okok lah..woke up so early o.O did many things but it's only 10:30am...=.=" althou i got many assignments to marker visual is going to fail..haha next term's tuition fees is RM7, gosh..really spent lots of my parents' money..dunno when oni can return back to dream guy oso woke up very early today..very rare to see that eh!! 9am edi woke up!! ^^ he said today got something to need to wake up early lo..erm..yesterday listened to tatsun hoi's talk bout "how to retire at the age of 38"..sigh..if im that lucky then good lah..alrite..i's not only LUCK..have to put more effort on my works..bla bla bla..what i wish is only growing up with sounds a lil childish yet it's really my dream...fantasy..he made it for listening to leehom - xin zhong de ri yue..about a couple loving each other and having different dream..even having different dream..i nvr feel that my love is washed by that..or by heart is still waiting for let's get up n fight..for ...for my own future..haha.. that's really true that we'll change our demand of quality life once we grow more mature..that's true..n let's c how true is my love then..haha..will i change? or not? chee wee, a tutor of my class, said that im holding my belief very tightly..nobody's going to change my mind..i guess time is the one that can only change me..isnt everybody same with me? who can change themselves in a day? no way...juz b urself..!! i love him, he's not the one who bring me down..i like to be with him, that's the time i can concerntrate.. when i can really put aside my emotions..i hope he's the partner fighting with me to better future..he's the shoulder for me to rely..he's good..believe me..haha..y am i promoting him? XD jaa....long enough for today's blog :P

Friday, April 08, 2005


Today's mood :>
juz woke up...lter 10am have to go tatsun's lazy...i tot it's already my dream..i tot already late..but think of attendance is compulsary..i woke up n c the clock on my's only i have to wake up..but dunno y i think of blogging..hohoh..mayb too long din blog gua..last few days rushing digital video..din really catch up with dream guy..haha :P he's oso very busy..but i do always miss him..always peek on him..he noticed that edi >< paisehhhh..this few weeks i always dream of him..omg..i really falling deeper n wishlist is soooo long..dunno when can complete it..hrmmm gonna get ready to coll liao...jaaaa...