Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Piece of Love

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I was lepaking in the Rock Corner, then i heard they were playing "Close to you". Then the next song (forgot what song liao) i like also! so ask Mr. Ho help me to download lah :heehee: but hor, as usual lar he din download for me =.= then after few days, he said since im so good girl (i helped him to fix his dreadlock) so he'll gimme a surprise. (Note: he told me this a day before) Of cuz im curious lah what surprise will it be.. haha.. but didn't expect that he'll buy me this CD lo.. XD the title is very meaningful lar..hehe maybe he means that he wants to give me a "piece of love"? anyway, after shoot some photos, i played the CD lo.. yeah it consists 2 CDs.. it says "2CD FOR THE PRICE OF 1"..the bonus CD is all music box songs a..when i play the bonus CD then kena complain edi.. he said "what the heck music is it.. not nice lah!" blehzz... fine! i'll listen with my ipod :P

Monday, May 26, 2008


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I beg Mr. Ho to buy me Freedom Gundam for RM90 cuz last time hor, I helped him fix the big 1..later got photo of the big 1..^_^
The box >>

Contents >>

I like this kinda composition..spacious abit..the saber no light de la.. added effect on photoshop :D

neh that's the big 1.. my one is smaller 1.. :)

Front >>

Back >>

Guardian Angel? haha.. again playing with photoshop ><"

Do you like it? I love it :) Thank you~~~ *hugz*

Monday, May 19, 2008


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Last night went to Ruums, no no, not disco or techno music, it's local music event..u can also call it "gig" (not gigabyte lar..=.=|||)..It's a web launch of Snaps some photo of cuz, but these are the "unrevealed" shots from those shown in haha..

The night view from Ruums which can see the KL Tower :)


The evil me again :P

okay, bout the launch, got few bands i knew 1 like Meet Uncle Hussain, Butterfinger, OAG.. the rest not really heard their music b4.. the most suprised me 1 is Deja Voodoo Spell.. the bassist caught my attention (although the guitarist is better..hehe). he played the Doraemon theme out of the blue..then the crowd start singing.. hahah.. the whole event 'supposed' to start at 3pm.. but as usual, we'll go 1 hour later cuz almost every gig we went oso start half or 1 hour later. I reached home at 3pm, then had my lunch, rest awhile then bertolak. Reached there around 4pm, not yet start, ok then we purchase our tickets.. then wait................4:37pm still not start yet.. it started around 4.50pm.. whua.. but ended around 10.30pm..Inside Ruums like Genting like that.. smokeness.. @@

Happy Wesak day! T^T

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lego #6212 Star Wars X-Wing

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On My Way Home

Today's mood :>
Today, as normal, 7pm after work, on the way driving to Mid Valley, I saw a Kenari on the other direction stopped on the road side and a young man talking to an old malay man. At first I thought that the young man is asking for direction but then, I saw the old man keep on waving hand. I wonder what happen.. then the young man stood there for awhile, then get back to his kenari.. the old man continue walking but, he's walking very slowly and hands are pressing on his stomach.. clearly that he's sick! I bet the young man was offering a ride for him to the hospital (I was around the University Hospital).. In the end, the young man drove away with a girl in his car looking at the old man..and the old man is still walking towards his destination...and I continue driving..

Then I went to gym. Mr. Ho said he needs to pick up his mom from KL, I insist to follow as i duwan go back alone.. then we reached the round about.. heavy traffic jam. that time was around 9.30pm. Getting abit frustrated. Then when after i turned 3 oclock of the round about, i saw some smoke coming out from the Chan See Shu Yuan..Went nearer, i saw the house beside it is on fire. it's my first time saw a house on fire so far. the whole house was burning..i was stunned but still can see people standing around and watching.. can't see the firefighter at first but after the turning i saw them at another corner.. traffic polices directing the traffic.. So then i continue driving...

Now, I reached home safely. and I blogged them as theses are kinda meaningful to me.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Shuttle Speed

Today's mood :>

Basically other than photos, i dunno what to put in the blog. haha.. since everybody is updating blog then i just follow trend lah :P

Ok, bout this photo, taken on a fine night riding in Mini Cooper heading to Laundry bar for the Moonshine event. Not gonna post those photos of Moonshine here as they're already in HERE. Reza (the organizer of Moonshine) even dropped a comment there! :)

Then now let's talk bout, yeah im sure u're lazy to read the about us page. haha.. there's 4 of us (young adults it contributing those posts there bout our daily life in KL, the busiest city of Malaysia. It can be anything. honestly it's not fully developed yet.. im too busy(and lazy) to finish the design for it :(

Alright. That's it for this post. Looking forward to my bedtime story :D

Saturday, May 10, 2008

L again..

Today's mood :>

Just can't help taking photo of those cute face expressions. :D
Too bad it only comes with 1 hair, so i setup the camera on my laptop and clear up the table.. then slowly adjust the placement of my L, of course change the faces and changed 1 hand with the hp and also the chair..
For sure it won't come out same lighting and I ter-moved the camera abit ><
Open all photos in photoshop then combine them can see the difference of shadow on the wall if you see clearly..
heehee.. enjoi!

Sunday, May 04, 2008


Today's mood :>
My L finally restock already!!! sooooo happy!~

Before open

After open

After that of cuz must pose pose lar~

hahahaha very cute ah~~~ :kiss:

Today is also anna's and dafuni's (Daphne) birthday, celebrating in Chilis. I met a lot new faces / shouters. Actually, in fact, I'm still a newbie lar. hehe..took a lot photos. Those flash light like shooting those celebrities on the "Xing Guang Da Dao" flashing non-stop. Eyes oso @@ edi..haha..but mentally, emotionally, i'm happier than before. Anna pulak tell me don't be so emo! haha. If you want to see photos then have to wait awhile la! cuz really a lot photographers and of cuz more photos la. haha.