Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quick Update

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Hola people. Wish u a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Been busy with work n events these days (of cuz my newly-learn-crochet too). Eppahed was saved by BigBoss Eppahed. I wonder how did he do that but he just remain his bossy silent face =.=

I started to learn crochet from books. My first ever crochet project is...
A Wristband

Then very quickly I started another project...
A Lens Pouch

Hands feeling itchy again, so I..
A Hairband

Not too long later I started another project again...
Greenie Rabbit

Lazy Panther

They are good friends. Not as bitchy as Eppahed :P

Then I actually just finished this today...
A Slouchy Hat

Now you believe me, I didn't do any illegal stuff when I gone MIA (Missing In Action). Yeah a new word I learned from my colleague. ^^V

Two weeks ago, I lost my iPod Touch in my office when all of us went out for lunch. When we went back to office, I was the first in the line who saw our maid sitting at staircase waiting for us. Then I saw the wooden door before the code-secured door is opened. I thought the maid opened it, so I didn't think of any. After I went in my office, I saw the drawer of nobody is opened. I felt weird but then again, maybe somebody opened it and forgot to close. I went back my place and started doing work. I put my headphone on and fully concentrate on my work until my boss went to the door and asked me "Is there something missing?" I blurred. I thought he is going out and maybe I have any question for him. Then I heard somebody keep pressing the security code. I asked my colleague, "Is there somebody outside or what?" She said "No lar, the boss is trying to change the code" I still blur. My another colleague messaged me and said that his office laptop went missing. After awhile, I then realized my iPod Touch went missing too. Mr Ho asked me to ask the company to compensate. But, for me, it's not about the money. He gave me that iPod Touch as birthday present! It's his first birthday present for me!

We talked over this for few days. Finally we agreed that asking his brother in Melbourne to help us buy a 32gb iPod. It's cheaper there. And, I pay 50%, he pay 50%. Well, he didnt really pay 50% cuz he traded his "free" lens (which he got it with his a700 package for less than RM3k). Today, his brother came back from Melbourne with the 32gb iPod. BUT, his luggage went missing in airport. =.=||| He called the airline company, they found it and will send over later. LOL. Their reason is, jimat petrol.

Click the image above for more!

The difference between my new and old iPod is,..

  • No longer "deaf"

    There's a built-in-speaker. I love the 'lock' and 'unlock' sound effect.

  • No more "summerboard"

    Sobs! my wallpaper and theme are gone~ have to find crack again!?

  • Put passcode ON

    This might help a little. I dunno. *sigh*

  • Chinese input keyboard

    Whee~~ now I can write or type pinyin for Chinese

  • Read Mail

    Check email~~~

  • Less scratches

    This one for sure.. LOL

Will discover more by the time. ^_^

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Eppahed pee

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Well if you wonder why Eppahed missing lately.. it's bcus that...

The kidnapper asked for RM1,000
Please help me to rescue him..Donate me some money..
No! DO NOT CALL THE POLICE! else the kidnapper will shoot him in the head..
(And the police will kill me for making fun of this :P)

Happy Halloween

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Eppahed coming up next. Stay tune.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Look At The Back

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I came back from work and started surfing net cuz Mr Ho still sleeping / "resting". And I just visit friendster (I seldom check it). Upload new photos and had a chance to see from the first pic till recently......

I can't help but I think the past is happier than now. Maybe I only take pics when I'm having fun. So what i looked back is only Happiness. Isn't that a good practice? I tried to do the same to my blog, just document the happy moments. But then, blog (for me) is to release something, showoff something. It's my world, my life. So use 'text' to document unhappy memories is a better way. At least sometimes i'm lazy to read :P

Mae plurked "time flies". yeah, if you look back. I looked back, i argued with him always but we still had fun taking pics in a trip, i had to work late but we still had fun having dinner with colleagues. A picture says a thousand words, especially when u have memory in the photo.

I can't wish that time turns back. I honestly can't feel like those days just happened 2 days ago. But I do remember how it feels like, at that time. Nervous, happy, excited, crazy,bla bla bla.. But why.. why do I feel depressed right now? Do I think that last time was happier than right now? Why do i need to compare that? Maybe sometimes later when I look back at this time I am happy..

I know why.. and I know how..
I'm just too hungry (not yet eat dinner) and I just need to eat something then I can concentrate at present time.. R u same with me?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Documentary for my 2008 birthday

Today's mood :>
Well if you don't know, yesterday was my birthday. So this is a documentary for my birthday this year as I always forget what I did last birthday. Lol. *ps : I'm using iPod touch to blog this so no photos yet.*

21 Oct 08 (Tue)
Went to work as usual of cuz not forgetting to Remind my colleagues that tomorrow is my birthday. hehe. when i reached Mr Ho's house, he just came back with secret recipe's cake saying will count down my birthday tonight . then i had dinner with Mr Ho. He showed me the photos he took in his office and I saw Hannah Tan's photos (5/8) on his office table. I knew this long long time ago, just that i din say anything bout it. But this time I asked "Why do u like Hannah Tan?" he got angry, took away the camera and denied that he likes Hannah Tan. Since then he didnt talk to me the whole night. Oh yes we slept at 9 something. I asked him "r u going to sleep?" he replied "no lar later vicky come collect a cd" ok then 10pm vicky came n went away. he lied back on the bed as me too. but since it's 10pm I don't mind let him rest. but 12am I felt he woke up n c his hp (probably checking time) he lied back to sleep. and then 1.30am I woke him up and talked to him. We argued. I said "if u r not going to celebrate with me then tell me. there's ppl want to celebrate with me." he showed puzzled face. at this point I seriously feel that he didn't make an effort to celebrate with me and he said that he's not in the mood. I looked for the present he said he bought for me. It's a StarWars Yoda Figure. Im not really a fan of Yoda so I gave him and said I don't want it. Im trying so hard to think that he DOES put a little bit of effort but still.. IMO too little as a bf. He said the same old thing, that im trying to monitor his life. he said he doesnt know what and why he need to tell me everything. he said he only tell me things i need to know. and of course i need to know what i need to know. i also want to know what i want to know, thats why i asked! i dont need to know all ur emails and sms but if I asked certain email or SMS, why can't u just tell but feeling I'm monitoring ur life? there's always no solution or conclusion to our "discussion". we end up sleeping.

22 Oct 08 (Wed)
The first ever birthday wish today came from Anna. but if I check the time, Khai Siang is the first cuz he sent in 12 something midnight. ok its not a race so dont mind about it. :P and some fellas i don't really know who wishes me on skype. I went to work as usual but with extremely bad mood. I think it's bcuz he took the yoda n gave me as birthday present. cuz I personally feel that he didn't think what I like for my birthday present. altho I din expect a present and so I should be happy to receive one. but I rather no present than a present that he never think whether I like it or not. a lot bday wishes today. it's much more than any year of my birthday. but none of them is from my family. it's ok cuz my family only remember my birthday in lunar calender. I wish to thank my beloved colleagues sooooo much. they are the one celebrate with me on the actual date of my birthday. And they made it my day today. but if I have time to celebrate with my friends or shouters, they probably will do the same. At first i said want to belanja my colleagues Kenny Roger 1 but they wan to pay themselves. then ok lo.. save some money :P And what happen to my birthday wish? (i only blow candle once today) my boss said "wish the project faster finish" ...stress... i said "wish my salary faster increase"... hahaha he buat tak dengar pulak. so i actually didnt wish for anything hahaha.

after celebrate with my colleagues I went to the gym as Mr Ho said go gym today. yeah I do feel disappointed when he said he's going to gym on my birthday. I met my friend there too. he said he can take me go dinner sin e it's my birthday and he shouldn't see me in gym on my birthday. he said Mr Ho at least can bring me to eat in a better place. But I replied "not everybody knows how to be romantic" Lol. I know Mr Ho can b romantic but maybe not to me. we went back n had dinner. he said eat cake later but we fell asleep after dinner. 12 something I woke him up and asked for blowing candles but he said "coming soon". 3 something I did it again. he said "tomorrow morning first. dun eat cake at night". so... then can't fall asleep n post this.

Tomorrow is not my birthday. Thank you for everything.

23 Oct 08 (Thurs)
He woke me up at 7am with a candle lighted durian cake and sang me happy birthday song. YEAH DURIAN CAKE from secret recipe. I thought he was joking =.= after the song i ate the cake without brushing teeth (shh) then he turned and went online. I went to work as usual then went back home as usual too. nothing much today but the comments on my facebook photo. (as far as i can remember) thanks to people who wish me happy b'lated bday ya. and broke my record of longest comments on a photo..hahaha

24 Oct 08 (Fri)
I went to work as usual again. He arranged a party for me in his house (so dun blame me if i didnt invite u) His friends (i knew them too) came with present and SHANDYYYYY hahaha. There's lots of shandy even until today still couldnt finish. I got a mug from Yoga and Wani :) And I shall thank his mom too for preparing the BBQ session and ICE-CREAM CAKE. whua i tell u the ice-cream cake is so the nice! And yay this is the 3rd and last time to blow my bday candles :) thank you to people who came : Yoga & Wani, Azzahir & Zarina and James. sobz sobz, aaron dun feel bad, next yr we do it again k? XD and thanks for ur wishes on the phone..hehe. Of cuz shouldnt forget to thank the person who arranged this party, Mr Ho. altho i'm still waiting for the 'real' present. I really no interest in the Yoda la. =.=||| U buy KEN even better! i can molest him...hohoho.. Yoda is old d, i duwan molest him.

26 Oct 08 (Sun)
William planned a 'birthday' outing for me but i think most of them dunno bout it. haha. I drove to Sunway and went to the ATM cuz my wallet left RM0. So bad the ATM can't read my card and then I walked all the way to the new wing to withdraw some money. Then we (william, daniel, alvin, aaron and me) gathered at Old Town Kopitiam and had our light breakfast before go goyang giler in Sunway Lagoon. Jessie and Jeannie couldnt come due to transport problem. *sigh* We bought the 'waterpark+amusement park', RM48 each. The very first ride we played is TOMA HAWK! Well, I guess the pirate ship ride is the funnest 1. LoL luckily our saliva didn't drop to the opposite side @_@ yuck! In the waterpark, I'm the most kesian 1. (this is so-called MY birthday outing loh) I kena thrown up and down for dunno how many thousand times. sobz.. my ankle got scratched. The cup ride is super unforgettable too. Pening like ****. This is the most pening i ever get in the cup ride. I hope u all enjoyed that day. Hehe. Thanks for coming tho. And thanks AlvinC for the SO keychain ya! :)

Ok once again, thanks for everything.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Unusual but LOL

Today's mood :>
Okay I'm in office so i gotta make this fast.

I got 2 colleagues n 1 boss in my office. 1 is going out lunch with her fren, 1 is coming in after lunch and the boss is going somewhere. So I'm left alone to have my lonely lunch time.

I walked to the nearby mamak, and on the way, there's a guy in his 30s bumped into me and said "Zhou Meh Lei Gam Leng Geh? Lei Giu Mat Yeh Meng A?" (in English : why are you so beautiful? what's ur name?) And my mind straight away appeared a blog i visited not long ago ( LoL, and then i gave that guy a annoyed "smile"..

i know this kinda idiot appear anywhere..but the point is
yeah, of cuz there's indian who are attractive (ahemz) but JUST NOT HIM! And he can speak cantonese so fluently.. omg! read that, i would be same like her, also give him an advice "wtf!"

ok bye. LOL.

Sunday, October 05, 2008


Today's mood :>
Ok, thanks to Anna for the super long tag so that I can update my blog without Eppahed~ whee~~


[01] Name: Elvie
[02] Nickname: "ah v","ah vie","chairgirl","miss goh","darling","doraevie",...
[03] Married: not yet
[04] Zodiac Sign: Libra
[05] Gender: Female
[06] Age: 22yr11mth13days
[07] High School: SMK Sri Sentosa
[08] College: The One Academy
[09] Height: 160+cm??
[10] Weight: 49.8kg
[11] Do you like yourself: yes when i'm happy, no when i'm not
[12] Piercings: 3 on left ear, 1 on right ear
[13] Right or left: right? right handed?
[14] Are you a freak : i dunno, what u think?
[15] Hair: straight and long, waist length (as for today)
[16] Skin: a bit toned IMO but no skin disease :P
[17] Allergic: none
[18] What are you doing now: replying this tag
[19] What will you do 1 hour later: i wish i can watch movie but who knows..
[20] What will you do 10 years later: ask God :P

[21] Live with mother/father/parents: err, no
[22] Siblings(included you): 4
[23] Eldest: Sis
[24] Youngest: me
[25] Love/hate your family: love lah, it's just i dunno how to show it..paiseh

[26] You found your another half: hmm, not sure whether he's Mr. Right..
[27] If yes, who is he/she: Ho Fu Ken, but see what happen next
[28] If no, who you want he/she to be: I have no idea
[29] Time(s) you in relationship: dunno how to count
[30] Ever woo boy/girl(0-100000): not sure it's real or fake 1
[31] Anyone woo you before(0-100000): 100000..duh! u count 1 ar?
[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: cannot say cannot say :P
[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: I SAID CANNOT SAY!
[34] Ever argue with your other half: of cuz
[35] You with your other half since: 1 January 2007
[36] Are you straight/Lesbo: Completely straight...
[37] Reasons you love your other half: hmm maybe he's geek?
[38] You and your other half in which stage: staying together, dunno whether we will go forward or backward
[39] You woo he/she or he/she woo you: i believe im the one woo ppl
[40] Ever think of marry he/she: dunno @_@

[41] Your first best friend: dunno @_@
[42] Your first enemy: dunno @_@
[43] The friend you love the most: dunno @_@ but i think i love Jess Lim
[44] The enemy you hate the most(1only): no enemy so far..
[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: all also beautiful
[46] Your most handsome guy friend: ahemz..i shy ler >///< PM me if u wanna know
[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: LCLY
[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: Ex-boss
[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: emm..
[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover: not best friend la, just good friend :)
[51] If your friend backstab you: fake-fake friend him/her but slowly avoid him/her
[52] If your friend betray you: d1fh
[53] If your friend woo your lover: confront with my lover then
[54] If your friend fall in love with you: depends :P
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend: depends too.

[56] Are you a good student: Definately, NOT!
[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: no. haha..
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: Siao Yen & Man Meng~
[59] Always late to school/college: dragged by somebody 1 :P
[60] Your class: no class
[61] You love your seniors: not love lah aiyoh.. just admire
[62] Senior who you love the most: Ando and Man Meng
[63] Your classmates good/bad: got good got bad lo..
[64] Excellent result classmate: Emily, Ashok, Kai..
[65] Laziest classmate: ahem.. u know urself lo

[66] Smart people: MICHAEL SCOFIELD~~!!!
[67] Stupid people: hmm, can easily spot on the road, see how they drive
[68] Good looking people: girls got alot, but guys...cannot say ler..>///<
[69] Ugly people: Ex-boss (physically and mentally)
[70] Funny people: those who can make me ROLF
[71] Cute people: those who have hati suci
[72] Bad people: Ex-boss
[73] Honest people: Me? lol..
[74] Acting people: hmm can't think of any now..
[75] You are what kind of people: refer to [73]

[76] Lip or eyes: eyes
[77] Hugs or kisses: Hugs
[78] Shorter or taller: Taller
[79] Hesitant or spontaneous: Spontaneous...
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice stomach
[81] Listener or talker: depends on mood
[82] Romantic or rich: romantic
[83] Good husband or Good Father: Good husband (cuz my father is good enuf :P)

[84] Age to get marry: depends on fate..
[85] Numbers of kid(s): 2 (prefer girls, heehee)
[86] Career: none.. stay home and got money that type XD
[87] Salary: enough for me to spend
[88] Retirement age: 50 (OH NO! dun wanna imagine that T^T)
[89] Properties value: no idea yet
[90] Wishes: no more global warming

[91] Everybody on my blogroll
[92] Everybody on my blogroll
[93] Everybody on my blogroll
[94] Everybody on my blogroll
[95] Everybody on my blogroll

by the way, just finished this "thing" XD


Monday, September 29, 2008

Boobies *Opps*

Today's mood :>
So these days I got knitting fever. Let's see how serious I've got.

I went to Amcorp Mall cuz Mr. Ho wanted to go the Automotive Photoshooting session by Alphanatics. And as you guys know, I don't own a Sony camera, so I can't go with him. But I tried my best to enjoy my lonely time in Amcorp Mall. Heehee.

Too enjoyed until I bought 5 knitting books and 1 ifeel magazine.

I seriously become a book worm after that. Hope that I really will flip those books. swt.

Another crazy thing is this.

I USED TOOTHPICK TO KNIT AN I-CORD! due to lack of small size double-pointed needles. And it actually worked! LoLx!!

The next day, I was busy about these boobies *oops, booties*. I wanted to knit this for my niece and it ended up, I think, too small to fit her cute little feet.

I bought some buttons for this but too bad they're too big to fit into the button holes! Duh! I have to look for some smaller buttons next time :(

Now let's Eppahed to try out.

Whee~ they only fit Bigboss Eppahed! TOO BAD! hahahaha


Thursday, September 25, 2008


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I've spent around 4-5 hours for this leg warmer.. I guess i chose the wrong yarn, too thick! ><" sobz sobz..

yeah yeah, take it if u can wear :P short leg Eppahed!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Expensive Hobbies

Today's mood :>
*sigh* the older u get, the more expensive toys u play..

when i was young (around 10 yrs old) i collected stamps..from the envelopes in my house. yeah those common 1..from malaysia somemore. lol.

Around 12 years old, I started to collect boxes.. all kinds of boxes! even the hollick candy box! duh! I was thinking maybe one day I need those boxes.. for example, gift wrapping.. but I didnt even touch them at and there's a dead lizard at the door of the cupboard.. So i'm scared to kacau it XD

but after that, I stopped collect anythings or even have any 'healthy' hobbies. I was drown in the world of cyber. (Although now im still in it :P but not so serious) I hang around cyber cafe alot, and Pacman too. 8 hours a day in cyber im working there! duh! I even ponteng my SPM accounting paper for CS(Counter Strike). shhh dun tell my family ya :X

(getting serious)
in my college, there was one Gothic gang carrying their dolls around. well for the first time seeing their dolls are 'SICK!' but now... no no, they(the dolls) are soooo beautiful and cool! the dolls are about 40cm, rm500-1000++. i really wanna get one u know.. but, my wallet..... so then i bought a 23cm (RM60 only, LoLx) in singapore. Yes, u can't get it in malaysia except purchase online.

(more serious)
to match my little doll some clothes, i started to buy re-ment. they are 1:6 scale miniature.. u can find them in those collectibles toy shops. most of the re-ment are foods.. I just bought 1 package of shoes/boots and 1 package of clothes plus the room and shelves. 1 box is cheap (RM12.90-19.90) but 1 package got 10 boxes (RM120-130). I believe i was crazy. the whole re-ment room costs around RM500! that's the most expensive toys i've ever bought!

(can't help)
so now i stopped working, means no income. I stopped buying toys, BUT i picked up knitting pulak! yeah maybe knitting in overseas is cheap hobbies, not in Malaysia. Check this out.

so the tools are not expensive COMPARE to the damn yarns! I checked out the yarns selling online, from UK, although different brand but I am sure must be more popular than the one i get, is around $5. convert to RM should be less than RM20. i really like to learn knitting but the yarns are #%)#$%!^@$-ly expensive! So please, say thank you to the person who knitted you some free stuff. :P

*ps : i spent RM100 average each time i visit the knitting shop...*sigh*

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I heart Michael Scofield

Today's mood :>
Don't tell me u dunno who's Michael Scofield.. he's the sexiest geek I've ever seen...although he's actually Wentworth Miller's body, hahahaha. I found this on the internet.. OMG sexy betul! ><"

Yeah yeah, u probably see me post in ShoutOut and Plurk Plurk.. I just can't get rid of this ler.. he's just simply 'delicious'~ ohohoho..

So I got this..

the 12" figure of Michael Scofield.. LoLx.. the body shape is so much ganas than the real person :D

More sexy pose~

Jeans Unbuttoned! :D

Okok, last 1.. with shirt

swt ler, this shirt too tight.. the body macam Lincoln Burrows.. =.= anyway there's 12" figure of Lincoln Burrows.. :) if you got extra 1:6 scale long sleeve shirt, can donate to me? cuz it looks weird that Michael Scofield wearing t-shirt ><"

hahaha ok enuff of michael scofield :P *runnzzzz*

Friday, September 12, 2008

My knit works

Today's mood :>
hihi~ can't believe i knit leh? yeap, i just took up knitting like...3 years ago. This was my first knitting hat =.=|||

lolx check out my RM99 logitech webcam's quality.. okok i shouldnt compare webcam with DSLR :P I gave this hat to somebody already. I think he dun even know where did he keep it..

i just finished this today.. some kinda container.. the cap looks sucks.. argh! But this time learned changing color edi (with my own way..SELF TAUGHT! hehe) and also flat circle knitting @_@ not really flat tho..

let's see what's inside :P

It's a Sony Alpha kit lens! hahaha.. dun jeles dun jeles :P

Before I finished this container, I was working on Mr. Ho's birthday present..Let's guess what is it..

errm.... its name is Cumi-cumi (squid in Bahasa Indonesia).. Now only I learned that pure stockinette stitch will make ur knit work curl.. so now it looks like Cumi-cumi T^T

Still no idea what is it? Let Eppahed demonstrate it..

It's a HEADBAND / BANDANA / Whatever u call it.. ><"

Sometimes I tried to figure out something, for example "how to get the 90 degrees curl", I will make it smaller scale to test..then I came out with something else =.= like this..

Become a beanie for my doll :D hahaha ok wut, looks fit on u! dun show emotionless face la..

So what you say bout my knitting stuffs? actually all also give other ppl 1.. me only own the beanie for my doll =.= saddddd... but at least I learned something I like ^^

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

i'm so tired

Today's mood :>
Sorry everybody who's waiting for my bikini photos! hahaha.. sooner or later i'll update my Bali trip again.. it's just that......

NOW YOU KNOW why am i so tired...... sigh!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bali - Day 3

Today's mood :>
8th August 2008 (Beijing Olympics!)
This day is a relax day in Bali, meaning just walk around Kuta. In the morning, we went down to the reception and..

Dunno where the guy has gone... after a few minutes, we saw him n ordered our breakfast..

A toast with banana as filling, coffee OR tea.. I'll eat u up later Eppahed.. :P

Then while we were walking to the beach to surf, we bumped into a Tourist Service Counter and asked for trip to Lembongan island and our Ubud trip on Monday. We bargain for very looooonnngggg time. Finally we got the price for Lembongan (Bali Fun Ship/Cruise) is RP500k per person. We paid RP300k for deposit first. Then for the Ubud trip, we will hire a driver and a car to bring us around Bali. We planned to stay in Ubud 1 night, then the next day go to Tanah Lot then back to Kuta. So the price, for 2 days, is RP500k (around RM175). The salesgirl wrote down the Ubud's receipt but we still not yet pay any deposit.

After settling the stuffs, we finally can go to the beach and surf. We went back to the same guy, Jamis and he gave us the price of RP180k for 2 persons. This time we abit cleverer, we went jogging and warmed up our bodies first before go surfing. So that we don't cramp like yesterday..swt.. We ate some nasi campur near the beach and treat Jamis lunch too. That was only RP50k for 3 persons and 2 teh. We went back to hotel to have a rinse after 'tapao' this near the beach..

It's only RP5k, additional keropok for RP1k.

We walked around Jalan Legian (right the end of Poppies 2), a street that most of the clubs/pubs/restaurants/shops located. Super busy at night. But that time was afternoon la. Mr. Ho bought some souvenirs, they are some wood that has some drawing on it. Available in keychains, magnets, decorations,... This is how they do it..

He bargain until the artist cannot tahan, deal at RP70k for 3 (around RM25). LoLx.. Then we continue walking Jalan Pantai. The first shopping mall in Bali we went is Matahari..

Mr. Ho bought some CDs there.. Out of Matahari, we went to a lane where I bought 2 tops and 1 sarung for only RP25k each! :P

After that, we passed by Discovery Mall too! It's just next to Kuta Beach :D

I wonder if they got live band play there every night.. They just played in front of the mall where the staircase are all seated by audience.. If not mistaken, they played some OZ songs.. And yea, A LOT Australian visit Bali when they got winter in their country. I noticed on the Ground Zero monument, Australia has more names on it ><"

Almost everywhere in Kuta you can rent a bike, either manual or auto. BUT remember to have ur license with u. I'm not sure what license is it. U won't want to pay police everytime they caught u right.
While we passed by the Hard Rock Hotel, two local ppl approached us and asked us where we from, already travel around bali anot, already book transport and hotel.. Then we just say that we're going to Lembongan tmr, and going to Ubud on Monday... After a couple minutes of talking and bargaining, he finally deal with us for transport to Denpasar, Kintamani, Ubud and the next day Tanah Lot then back to Kuta at RP425k. He said he will bring us with new Avanza. =.=" BUT we have to cancel the reservation we had this morning with another company....

If there's Popies 2, then of cuz there's Popies 1 :D but Popies is much more quiet and less shops. Like some back street at night, very dark (no street light). But it's safe if you behave urself, LoLx..

We had our dinner at the foodcourt near Kuta Beach. When I order my Kuey Teow Goreng, the aunty asked me whether I can speak mandarin.. I said yes and she said can discount for me! duh! Ok then I'll start my bargaining again! I order a drink named Es Teler (no idea what's that, just try) and it tastes like durian.. SERIOUS!

A lot people we met in Bali. No, we don't know them. They are mostly local. Some of them invite us to drink at Apache Bar, but sometimes we just ignore :D Some of them wanna make business, trying to earn some money from us. Some of them just want to make friends, want you to remember them. But MOST of them think that we're Japanese! ><"

Use the 2 pins plug. Hold the bottom thing and push in. Normally it works :D that's how I charge the camera. My handphone and iPod Touch batteries last for a week cuz I seldom use them in Bali :P

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bali - Day 2

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7th August 2008
After we ate some breakfast (honey pancake & boil egg toast) at that "luxury" hotel, we tried to negotiate with the receptionist whether it can be cheaper if we stay for 4 coming nights. They gave us their "best price" RP175k/night (around RM60).

We think that we still can get cheaper so went to other hotels to ask. Of cuz those real luxury hotel are more expensive but we finally found 1 at Jalan Poppies 2 only RP90k/night (around RM30). This hotel's name is Taman Mekar.

The most important thing is that the water from the tap is not salty! Although this hotel doesn't have TV, AC and fridge (and also toilet paper & towel), it's ok since we don't stay in the hotel all day long..

So after settled down at the new hotel, we walked to Kuta beach. We just can't wait to surf :D Along the way, we stopped by a tourist service counter to ask for our ride to Ubud and Lembongan. Then I went to buy a new short for me to wear when surfing.. I don't want my bikini go missing after hit by the wave.. lolx. The salesgirl offer me RP100k, that's no way that expensive, I cut down 50%, of cuz she said cannot lar, RP80k, then I turn around act like wanna get off the shop, then she said ok lar, RP50k deal! LoLx..

Along the beach, a loooooooot local ppl asked u to buy their products / services like surfboard, massage, manicure (if you're a girl), accessories, braiding your hair and "mushroom". It's not China mushroom or Japan mushroom okay, this "mushroom" is drug, they also offer ecstacy. Don't ever buy from them, you might be the target of police after 1 minute u purchased. We bought 2 towels for RP120k. We bargain for almost half an hour for that price, swt.. We did have our own towels, but we need extra 1 to absorb sea water after get up from the sea.. hmm.. feel abit hungry, let's eat some satay babi :D

hohoho, u can't find this type of satay in Malaysia, the sauce also different from Malaysia.. Darker looking and hotter taste.. no nuts inside.. NOW only we bargain with the surfboard rental man. Unlike in Malaysia, there's tons of surfboard rental along the beach, so no worries if you don't have or didn't bring your own surfboard. He offered RP300k for 2 persons. But we just wanna pay RP200k (it's actually still out of budget). Finally he agreed and brought us to the sea.

It's my 2nd time surfing (first time was in Torquay, OZ without professional guide), the guy, Jamis, hold my board n I lay down on the board then try surfing. He pushed the board when the wave is coming then I gotta try to stand up. Well most of the time i failed ><" If you see me lately, you'll notice the big bruise on my arm.. it's becuz the surfboard hit me when i try to get my strap which already get off my leg.. and also some other bruises on my knees as i used my knees to stand up on the surfboard =.= As for Mr. Ho, he broke one of the fins of the surfboard, Jamis asked him to ganti rugi RP200k. No idea why is he so unlucky ><" the fin should be hard enough for these small waves..well then we went out of budget of the day..

After surfing we had some Rujak (Rojak), it's a mix fruits with some asam powder, chili and special sauce. Very very nice :) and it's cheap, only RP5k (around RM1.70), u can buy additional keropok for RP1k only.

We sat down near the beach with Jamis and his fellows. Jamis asked us where are we going next, we said we're going to Jimbaran to have dinner. He offered us a ride as he's also going there for some event. At first we were worried, cuz we will be split to 2 bikes, but we feel better after we reached Jimbaran :D On the way there, his friend stopped at the petrol station.

If you're going to Jimbaran to eat grilled seafood, it's better you go in the sunset(In Bali, the sunset time is 5.30pm - 6.30pm, the sun set earlier than Malaysia). cuz the tables are all along the beach.

Hey Eppahed! Can you please sit back ur own seat?!

As for the seafood taste, emm, I'll give 5.5/10. Maybe I like Chinese style seafood better. Just grill is like abit plain lo IMO. But surprisingly they gave us rice and extra vege even we didnt order them. And so scary, we only have just ngam ngam enough money to pay for our over-budget dinner. hahaha.. This is what we had for dinner plus 2 drinks, cost RP600k (around RM210)

Jamis and his friend still waiting for the event to end. And we were so lucky to see free performance of Balawan. Check out his guitar (is that call guitar? ><")

While we lepak near the beach, one security guard came near and asked where Mr. Ho comes from, actually he wanted to catch him but wrong person.. LoLx.. Mr. Ho looks like a criminal~ :P After the event finish, Jamis and his friend sent us back to hotel..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bali - Day 1

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*p/s: This is the 100th post of this blog :D something to celebrate, ya?

6th August 2008
David Lee sent us to KL Sentral to get SkyBus to LCCT. We had our lunch at McD before boarding the bus @ 2pm. There's a uncle sit beside me in the bus keep burping.. -.-||| My flight was 4:45pm, so I still got lot of time hanging around LCCT. And I didn't forget to bring this fella along...

While waiting for the boarding time, we had some orange juice for RM8.90.. T^T giler expensive.. since no air ticket for Eppahed, I had to stuff him inside my bag :P
Now let's fly..

I always have to sit near the wing (free seating), I dunno why others dun like to sit beside the wings -.-" And I always get amaze with the clouds, so I took some photos and that's the time I got bad news.. GOT DUST IN THE SENSOR! When the lens go up to F10 and above, you can see some dust shadow on the image TT_TT It's ok since this hi-tech era has a software named Photoshop.. LoLx.. I'll just photoshop it :P

Ah after awhile, that's the lunch / tea time.. cannot tahan the nice smell, and my advice, EAT IN THE PLANE even you just eaten before boarding.. If not u gotta suffer the aroma and then later u feel dizzy.. So I ordered some small snack like Roti Jala..

After the plane landed, collect luggage, check out, I saw a loooooooottttt people waiting outside.. most of them are hotel porters waiting for customer then bring them to the hotel.. some of them are taxi drivers offering "LUXURY" ride to your destination.. and one of them has short leg, walk so slow..

I must talk about their taxi drivers driving skills! It's much more terror than Takumi. Hahahaha.. most of the time, the driver is honking and flashing more than putting signal. First he flashed the car which is moving slow in front of him, if the car didnt speed up, he will honk n then cut it (because there's only 1 lane for 1 direction). We stopped talking, after awhile the driver asked us "Are you okay?" ><|||

We didnt book any hotel online or phone booking.. We just try our luck there..haha.. So we got some "LUXURY" hotel cost RP200k, with a 15" tv, fridge, air-cond and cold water at those tourist service counter near departure gate. Then we took a fixed price taxi service to that hotel (it's cheaper 4 times)..Check out the bed..

Please let me complain bout this hotel,
1) Water from the tap is salty
2) The bed makes my leg itchy
3) Yellow stain in the toilet
4) No toilet paper and towel provided
5) More expensive than what I would pay for this kinda quality
So we decided to find another cheaper and maybe better quality hotel the next day ><"

After settled down, we went to have our first dinner in Bali :)

We had grilled mix seafood and Bintang (local beer) for dinner.. There's some miscommunication during the dinner, we asked for Garlic Butter Sauce.. (what we thought is white color creamy texture which i used to have at Manhattan Fish in Malaysia. But their garlic butter sauce is sooo much different from what I imagine.. lolx.. it looks like some garlic cook in butter n then the butter melted so it looks like some soup texture.. hahha.. taste very oily ><"

Jalan Poppies 2, the places we hang out the most throughout the whole Bali trip. This jalan is a very small lane but full with shops, restaurants and hotels and it's only 10 minutes walk to Kuta beach.

As u can see, there's only 1 lane.. of course it's only one way, but the motorcycles can go any direction they want.. haha.. yeah there's also kereta kuda, and taxi is spelled "TAKSI"..After walking around, we went into this bar..

Apache Reggae Bar is quite famous for their live band and reggae music. We hang out there for our first night in Bali. You have to buy 1 drink to get into the bar, the cheapest drink is RP20k (RM7) only.. I tried Arak Bali there.. hmm.. no comments :P
2 guys approached us (some of the local ppl r friendly as in they truly just wanna make friends, no business) 1 of them looked high, another 1 just abit hyperactive.. lol.. they offered us drink, cigarette even asked us to take photos with them.. but we didnt want their free drink n cigarette cuz we just wanna stay alert.. They somehow are STILL strangers, u know..

After dancing around, the live band ended and it was close to 2am. The guys asked whether wanna go another pub, swt.. We declined and just go back to that "luxury" hotel and try to sleep tight ><"