Wednesday, March 16, 2005

sleepless zombie

Today's mood :>
3:27am....still haven sleep oh...figure sketching n marker oso havent touch yet...juz dun wanna sleep lah..dun blame assignments..haha..cuz he's still online oh..juz finished bath? bathed for ages lah~ waited for so long..hrmm...HE? i dunno woh..still wearing the necklace..ah teng asked me y still wearing it ler..erm..i juz answered her i wear for beauty oni..cuz the necklace very nice ma..n cute..she said buy 1 new 1 for me to wear..haha..she's juz joking la..anyway thx for concerning..XD today class until 1030 late..luckily ah fish fetch me back to old klang road then i took bus home..when waiting at the bus accidently met my old fren there..hohoh..he's very cute 1 lah..very talkative..shhhh...his name is brandon..u can read his bloggie from my link too..erm..chatted with him from the bus stop until my house de bus stop where i get long time didnt see him..ermph..wish him good luck in coming stpm la..alrite..i oso dunno what to write jor...hai gam sin lah!

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Today's mood :> like an ecstasy..maybe even stronger than ecstasy..he made me fall..made me high..caused me addicted..made me forget who am i..he made me curious to touch him..urmmm...very nice feeling..i guess..that's the only time i can c PERFECT..everything so perfect with him..i know ecstasy is bad for health..haha..but who cares? i feel happy..n that's wat life need to have..let me follow HIM...