Monday, February 01, 2010


Today's mood :>
LOL why i suddenly blog, cuz today i watched TVIQ (yeah, small kid channel), The English Room, it was about blogging.. so er.. just some random update! mwuahaha.. if you ever wonder where had i been and how am i after quitting my job in august, here it is!

Since i quit my job in August 2009, im now a fulltime freelancer doing web designs. not fulltime housewife, i still do work to earn my own money. sometimes (well, most of the times) i'll be knitting or crocheting something, one after another. I'm kinda into handicraft/handmake stuff, not pro, just interested. so i suddenly bought 2 domains and still not yet design anything yet. those 2 are, and NO, don't click on them, still waiting for me to stretch my lazy bones. ><" but do feel free to check out my knitting/crochet works in flickr..

other than staying at home doing basically nothing but surfing net, i do go to gym.. haha.. wth, im gaining weight instead of losing it. my little (too much) tummy just love me so much, it doesnt wanna get off me.. so I'm still the same.. maybe suppers problem.. sigh.

Happy Chinese New Year, Gong Hei Fatt Choy to everybody.. :)