Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coco Wang

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Coco Wang is a cute girl studying in England and she's a comic artist :D Okay what I want to talk bout is her comic tribute to China 512 Earthquake. This is one of the comic episode ya, I think she wont mind if I put here :X

That's my favorite among all of her earthquake strips. And do see her "studying in England" blog after the earthquake strip.. it'll make u feel better.. lol..

p/s : no eppahed this post :P & dun give me comment like u have seen her blogs b4, can..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PhotoHunter : KM 50mm/f1.7

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Black & White

Say "hi" to new lens

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Hey, I've been busy with something (er... even myself don't know why and what am i busy about).. okok, it's an excuse for not updating my blog, happy? hmm.. let's talk about last Sunday, shall we? (#%&!*#$%@#$! this is my blog! i decide, ok! :P)

Not long ago, Mr. Ho has got his 'new' lens (the lens is actually same age with me, ahemz..) it's a Konica Minolta 50mm/f1.7. im not into camera/lens, but more into photography la..haha..

so i took alot photos on Sunday which is my friend's birthday celebration at his house. But before that, Mr. Ho and I went to Amcorp Mall to get his birthday present which is a Volkswaagen Beetle 1:24 scale model. And I also bought a pair of earrings.. :D

Then, we did something for our blog lar..but not yet post.. haha.. I spotted some flowers.. take up the camera n shoot..

dun bother that lame eppahed.. he's dumb, he doesn't know anything bout cameras n lenses, HE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW PHOTOGRAPHY!


Let's barbeque him...ohohoho~

ok.. later will have a post with the photos categorized..
and, I learned something "new" when taking photo of cactus.. :(
I always lazy to round the straps to my hand, I was bending down to take photo of the cactus then the strap kacau my view so I used my left hand to take away that strap, mana tau, kena cucuk by the cactus beside my subject... See the cactus shot in next post how long the thorns are.. T^T sakit.....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Introduction of Eppahed

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IF you wonder who's that fella always appear in my photo recently. HE is Eppahed(Apple head). Yeah is a MALE!! don't ask me why :P i like to kacao ppl's gender.. cannot mer..XD. From now on, I'm gonna put him into all my photos in this blog to represent me. ^^

Where does he come from?
Well, he originated from a company called ActionCity and he walked to my house, asked me to adopt him. He said he ran away from his old home because all of the toys there are very 'Action' (kononlah ActionCity :P)

How does he look like?
He has a big red apple head with black eyes and smiling mouth line, NO NOSE. He is 5 inches tall but his head is already 70% of it. 500grams in weight.

Does he eat?
No. He can't open his mouth. -.-

What are his hobbies?
He likes to lie on the bed and sleep whole-day-long. When he's active or trying to attract attention, he will roll on the bed singing "gu-ling gu-ling~ gu-ling gu-ling~". He also likes to read storybooks! Sometimes he likes to sleep on his boss' head. =.="

Does he have any family or relatives?
YES. Err, not really family or relatives, but HIS BOSS, Big Boss Eppahed.

Why is he qualified to represent me?
See the photo below.. you will understand.

Hahaha. If you have any question bout him, can ask me :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bengkak Eye

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*Bengkak = swollen*
Few days ago, i felt slight pain when i blink my eye. it feels like eyelash dropped into ur eye. I can see my eye reddish at the tip of my eye. Yesterday, it bengkak a little bit like pimple or mosquito bite. Today, IT'S WORSE! It bengkak until my half eye close. And I forgot to say, it's my left eye. I didnt go help my brother today. I feel terribly moody. Here's a picture of how it's like today. Hope it dont spoil ur day.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jamming : Part I

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Last Saturday, Mr Ho and I went to jamming in his friend's house. (yeah in a house =.=" no money rent studio :P) We used to jam during the Saturdays, sometimes canceled cuz some of us not free. Ok, let's introduce our band members.. (LoLx, are we a band yet?) We got Aaron as drummer, Azzahir as guitarist, Mr. Ho as bassist and me as *ahems* lousy vocalist. Basically they are close friends since secondary school, and they even performed on the stage as a band in their school. For me, I'm just so coincidence happened to be there when they are jamming, then they asked me to sing along for them to follow. Well, Im a 'sad case' singer. I can't sing well that's for sure, and I hardly remember lyrics, plus I dunno much songs as they did. Haha, but they're friendly enough to teach me how the songs go and wait for me to learn. Pai-seh nye..swt..

So for a list of songs we play (hehe, it's easy to list out), we play Hujan's songs most of the time. We also play some songs from OAG and DEWA 19. Har?! all malay songs? no ler.. we also play English songs sometimes, like I'll Survive, Are You Gonna Be My Girl, and etc.

Since Mr. Ho bought a Sony Alpha A200, he brings his camera to take photos of us jamming. Well the photos of us jamming have to wait till Part II :P For me,...

I like to take Black & White photos in his house, erm... i dunno why. haha.. B&W has add more feelings to the photo.

After jamming, normally we'll go to the Gerai Jus Besar(not sure what name but we always call it Jus Besar bcuz got JUS BESAR lah) nearby to eat our dinner. BUT, whee~~ last Saturday was different! We went to eat McDonald's!! so happy :P but before that, we also ate durians in his house, LoLx :D

I never thought that I would be in a band since im born. I don't know any music instrument nor I got a amazing voice. But it's fun to listen people jamming. I love music. :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Gelato Outing?

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After helping out my brother's chicken rice stall this afternoon, I drove to Mid Valley for gym. It's really not pleasant to go in Mid Valley car park. I drove in Entrance for Zone C, I used to park at P2, I read the board : P1 Full, P2 48 Bays. BUT, P2 is closed. I'm forced to go P1, after took my parking ticket, JAM! geesh, so I took the other direction but still, JAM! arggggghhhhhhh.. it's like stopped there for 5 mins and it aint moving that kinda traffic. duhhh.. IM SO THE FRUSTRATED for the entrance edi, now i stucked in the car park to jam?! It finally moved slowly... then, I found out it's ALL BECAUSE OF A F***ER LOOKING FOR PARKING DRIVING 5km/h! knn.... I cut him then I went round n round n round n round, followed by round n round n round n round, unlimited rounding, turning my steering left and right and left and right for half an hour.. at last I cannot tahan lagi, I stopped by a 'guard' on a motorcycle (probably is the car park security guard or something =.=) and below is the conversation between me and him..
me : bagaimana nak turun ke P2
him : tak boleh pigi P2 la..
me : saya tadi nak masuk P2, tapi sudah tutup. dia kata P1 sudah full, P2 ada 48 bays lagi!
him : P2 sudah full! jadi dia tutup la..
me : P1 jugak sudah full la!
him : park at (Zone)A mau tak..
me : boleh jugak!
him : aku bukak bagi lu..
actually Zone A is for Season Pass 1.. i didnt even use more than 1 minute to find a parking bay! :P phew, i first arrived the car park at 1:45pm, but 2:38pm baru reach the gym.. duh! I gone mad so terrible as I even feel like complain to the Management. But didnt do it cuz my hp not much credit :P

After gym I went to Oasis to have a drink myself. At 5:50pm, Mrinjured and his friends had arrived and met me at Oasis to have their lunch. =.=||| I was 'ordered' by Satkuru to go collect the movie tickets as I'm so bored there waiting. So after their lunch, we went to collect movie tickets then went into the Holiday Planet (the arcade beside the bowling center). I was told that Satkuru was still in Sunway at 6:11pm. We've waited there for......1 hour? Finally Satkuru called and said they are in BANGSAR! I was like, huh?? Bangsar? swt... but luckily he told me that Aaron and Angeline had arrived. phew, so we all kumpul at MPH, playing with the bookworms, looking at some nerds and geeks, AND Mrinjured actually found Shaz on a magazine as a hair care model...=.=||| After half an hour, Satkuru(driver) and the gangs(including blurJess, Steven, William) sudah sampai and FINALLY the real outing is going to start. (cuz everybody finally arrived n met la)

Ok we didnt crap much cuz most of us are hungry n tired (of waiting). Somebody suggested Sushi King, but the queue too long. Wait, there's a story when we going up the escalator. While all of us were on the escalator, the escalator suddenly STOPPED! everybody terkejut but luckily nobody gets hurt. =.= so, no Sushi King. We're forced to come out Plan B. errrr.. dunno how, we went to Co Ba to eat. The photographers finally show off their 'bao bei's. *cicak* *cicak* the flashlight bounce here n there. Angeline promoted ShoutOut using the paper on the table which she didn't believe Satkuru and Aaron said that the waiter/waitress will stamp something on it. The photos have to wait for the photographers ya. :P while we eating, the lights suddenly goes off! @_@ for a second, it turned on again. Seems like everybody already get used to the terkejut-ness after the escalator case :D

After eating our dinner together, of course we had some group photos! :D again, for the photos please wait for the photographers :P then, it's already 8:55pm and the movie is going to start at 9pm. Angeline INSISTED to have NZN.. hohoho.. but we had some gelato instead, cuz it's nearer. So Angeline merajuk duwan eat... kakaka.. no ler, she said she got coughing, so better dun take ice cream. We then head back to cinema and say goodbye to the movie watchers, cuz I'm going back to blog this.. hahaha..

YESH! :success:

For conclusion hor...

Haha.. at first was planned to eat gelato as main de.. but end up.. ok lar we still got eat gelato :P

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Current Addiction

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yay~ today i want to present to u my 2 favorite addictions recently.. *tadaaaaa*

EAT >> nutella is found when i got mini pretzels to eat, but mini pretzels are too dry.. so Mr. Ho suggested dip with nutella.. n since then im in love with nutella.. i used to love Ferrero Rocher alot too.. but so expensive T^T only can eat when my kaima buy for me during chinese new nutella is very precious to me.. i eat bit by bit, not wasting it like SPREADING IT ON BREAD!! omg.. so wasting :(

PLAY >> Beats is a PSP game created by Sony. Something like o2jam but u can play with ur own songs that's inside ur PSP! Sorry for the Tap Tap Revolution in iPod Touch, that's too mafan as u need to tap ur own songs and YOU NEED INTERNET CONNECTION! it's not so easy to join free wifi everywhere in Malaysia..even Mid Valley..geesh..and, Beats got more buttons to press than TTR.. more fun!

okay, i'm going to play Beats now. hehe.. bubbai~~

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Why am I still jobless?

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Hi, today is my 38th day jobless. In case you didn't know, I STILL not yet started finding job.. haha.. so, this post is about "WHY AM I STILL JOBLESS"..

*Note : i'm not blaming anybody on this post okay.. my intention is just to update ppl who wonder why / care bout me for not having a job yet..

This is my 1-day routine after im jobless.. XD
XX00 - 1130 : sleeping..zzzz
1131 - 1150 : wash face, prepare, (surf net if still got time :P)
1151 - 1400 : help out in my brother's chicken rice stall
1401 - 1700 : go gym @ Mid Valley
--------(Above apply to Monday to Saturday)--------
1701 - 2000 : surf net or take a nap
2001 - 2200 : eat dinner and read newspaper / watch tv
2201 - XX00 : surf net or chatting online

so.... that's what i do everyday except Sunday.. all my day time has spent for something thats not earning me money.. =.=||| at night, im lazy n tired already.. yeah probably u would say im not only jobless, im USELESS too! Just let me be what i'll be ler.. i think i just need some holiday.. Yeah im going to Bali next month.. maybe i'll feel better after that trip.. well, when i not even have 1 cent, i'll move my ass to get a job 1 ler..

Gimme PEACE & LOVE, not NOISE & PRESSURE! it feels so good if i can flying up sky high..

SOBadge v.2 result

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Yeah! The voting for SOBadge v.2 has ended. Here's the result of the votings. Mostly chose #2 and #8. I hereby wanna thanks all shouters who took part in votings. May God bless u. HAHAHAHAHAH! giler edi me.. So, now what should i do ar, Lasker?

Monday, July 07, 2008


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This is how i'll look like if i braid my hair...

Ok this photo is half year ago.. simply update blog oni.. :D
have fun criticizing me..kakakka maybe next time i'll post my dreadlock photo! :P

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sex Toy

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"Am I sex toy?"

Yeah, i've asked this question quite a few times before. Am I worry too much? Or there's something not right on another half?

It's not wrong, it's just weird n doesn't sound right.. i know. but should I adjust myself to fit into it?

I've tried to sort this out, but no, nobody can change his life! u get what i mean? I know, every man loves pretty, sexy n smoking hot chics! But, somebody can hide it. BUT why should one hide it? Why can't show it out? This question will bounce back at me.

I talked bout the topic 'watching porn with a girl' with a guy.. (ahemz..u know who u r).. I didnt explain to him on why I feel hurt n insulted when my bf is watching porn with me.. the answer is, i know im not as good as those porn star, but can pay some respect? YEAH, that's the word, RESPECT! Sometimes (when im in good mood, as in VERY VERY VERY good mood) I can watch with him.. but NOT EVERYTIME!

Why I can't tahan is like here girls, there babes, over there got chics, bla bla bla.. It makes me feel like he's pervert.. hungry for girls? Hey what bout me?

"Am I sex toy?"