Friday, November 28, 2003


Today's mood :>
like long time nvr post ediz..hahaha..sorry lar..i was busy for my coll assignments...cuz kena warning letter bout i din submit 7 out of 10 lecturer said that if i wan to save back my life..i have to pass up 3 sets in 1 week..1 set = 3 pieces of a3 size figure sketching..AND I DID IT!! so proud of so touched!!! erm..i wanna thx my family, my lovely frens n oso my lovers! ahahahah...thx everybody!! woohoooooo~ im so high..hakakakaka...erm..tien sheng juz added me a testimonial in friendster..he said that sometimes i look fierce wo!!! got mer? hehehe..yea guaaa..kakaka..depend on talking with who geh..talking to shengz kor ah..must fierce abit geh..if not he'll bully lar im juz joking..ok..bout this title ah..erm..i learnt a lesson loo...actually long time ago oso learnt liao 1..juz that i nvr change ma..assignments r good for us...PRACTISE MAKE PERFECT ma...but my lazyness cannot remove 1 lah..who dunwan be a robot wor..?can work batt then juz recharge..hor!? more coming soon ler..bE rIgHt BaCk MoRe OfTeN..ok!! ^^V

Sunday, November 23, 2003

New Loop

Today's mood :>
yooohoooo~~ Jay Chou's fan sure think that i cut n copy from Jay Chou's [Qing Tian] ler..but i actually download from somewhere else~ ^^
nowadays oso busy rushing assignment n waiting for my coll letter<--not submitting assignments.. >< notti ler..heheheheh ok lah i wan do assignment liao...if not fail again..sobz sobz..

Saturday, November 15, 2003


Today's mood :> everyday..>.< but not tmr..tmr have to work my parents.. :) hrm..nowadays i always listen to a cd borrowed from jinjang..beyond ^^ very nice ler.. i like a part of lyrics it's :-

Mui Tin Do Mo Do Mo Dik Sui Yiu (Everyday need it so much)
Weng Yuin Yu Nei Pou Yong Jiok (Forever hugging with you)
Mong Diu Sei Kan Yat Chai Tung Fu Bei Ngoi (Forget every painess and sadness in the world)
Zhung Si Fen Hoi Fen Hoi Do Mo Yuin (Even how far we fall apart)
Ya Wui Ting Dou Nei Fu Wun (Still can hear you calling)
Kei Doi Wo Zhe Yat Sang Zoi Wui Nei (Hope that I can meet you again in my life)

is that meaningful? well..okok lah..but this song remind me of munz n karen..aihh....sobzzz

Saturday, November 08, 2003

8 hours in Eclipse

Today's mood :>
yea!!! i in eclipse for 8 hours ediz..huhh...but it still hasnt break my 10 hours lazy n tired n boring..bla bla bla...tonight got dinner..i have to go home early..bubbai time oni continue lah..

Thursday, November 06, 2003

bye bye to my 64 sdr & 56k internet connection stupid blardy pc

Today's mood :>
haha..i now in px ler..juz after ro..not wanna go basketball near restoran al-ehsan ediz..last nite my 64 sdr & 56k internet connection stupid blardy pc kena strike by thunderstorm..hahaha..i dunno i have to be happy o sad..happy cuz my mom might buy me a new comp ^^ sad cuz cannot online for quite sumtimes..erm...i got not much time to post..continue next time i online lah..haha best luck to those who have exam :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Moving Recovery

Today's mood :>
today i went px again...apa lagi?? RO lar...n then i saw munz online..sad case loh...munz..dun be sad yea...we all oso dunwan c u sad sad sumbody said..u'r our cheesenut mar..dunno u guyz believe in fate o not leh..i believe 1's the way i recover from sadness or disappointing lerr..sumtimes ppl always sad that they dun get what they wanted..but y not be happy with what they already got ler rite? of cuz also have to hope for better 1 lah..get up n move on ur life..that's y i always say me moving recovery lvl 11 ler (actually it's a extra skill for swordman in RO) ..if u wan to know more bout munz' here!

Monday, November 03, 2003

Love is not selfish

Today's mood :> many sagis huh...anyway i really like sagistarious.. ^^ they're so frenly and nice!~ well libra oso not bad ah!~ ahhaha...i stayed at home today..wanna go ro but lazy to go out..laydeee : sowee lah...ur latest template talak ur bio ma... later add's breakfast -> milo...ONLY...wu wu wu wu...they're so cruel to me..nvr leave me some food..haihh...laydee's template title is love is not selfish...hrmm..libra is always so sensitive to love thingy geh..they said influenced by venus...(venus is a very sexy n pretty girl)..libra likes peace and always hold on balancing..i think im that type..u guyz watch / read sailormoon (the cartoon) b4? got 1 sailor venus..according to my research..she's same birthday with me..hehehe..ok...back to laydee's is not selfish..i think love make ppl become selfish itself is not selfish...hrm i talked to faith today while he having 1 hour break..i asked him if got ppl wan to pikat me how ler...he said he'll feel like beat that fella up(of cuz he wont lah...juz feel like n he'll pull himself back from beating ppl)..that i strongly disagree...1st of all, it's not worth for feeling angry/mad if sumbody wants to pikat me...should have understand y ppl wants to kao ur gf/bf n also y ur gf/bf leave u (if he/she does) i correct?'s my right to choose or u cannot blame anyone..ofcuz oso not urself..hrmm...abit too long...stop here..continue next time yea...take care n hope u guyz understand lah..(actually it's juz my point of view..

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Queitly & Peacefully

Today's mood :>
dunno y...i juz wanna keep quiet n keep myself in my own that a good habit o a bad 1? none of emotions on my face..not unhappy..not angry or what...just...... :/ ermm....after helping my mom in her shop (we'r selling chicken rice ^^V) i went home n enjoyed my bath...then my aunty came my house n asked me to play mahjong with juz layan lah..sumthing very mm song for me happened..after father n aunty wanted to continue play brother-in-law asked me to play with them while i was watching nvm lah..i juz layan..(actually i dun really wan to play)..after that , my sis "TALKED" to me loudly,said that y i dun let my mom to play (my mom was watching us play mahjong)...i felt so innocent n very mm i juz said "dun say i dunwan let mom to play...she wanted me to play cuz she doesnt want to play!" then my sis juz keep quiet...haihhhh....maybe its juz a lil bit misunderstanding lah..but kena 'wat' not feeling sedap 1 so tired...ciaozz...nitezZzZzz...

Saturday, November 01, 2003

Lazy Lady

Today's mood :>
im so headache today..i stayed in my house whole day with a 64 ram n 56k internet connection's so sux!!! the only thing i'll like to do in my house is online chat..but not many ppl online today..biasa lah...weekend where got ppl online 1 rite..unless got ragnarok to play..ahahaha..luckily i din go out today..cuz RO today closed at 1:30pm-5pm..ahhahahahah!!!! i juz finish editing my blog..i wanna take a rest now...ciaoz...