Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quick Update

Today's mood :>
Hola people. Wish u a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Been busy with work n events these days (of cuz my newly-learn-crochet too). Eppahed was saved by BigBoss Eppahed. I wonder how did he do that but he just remain his bossy silent face =.=

I started to learn crochet from books. My first ever crochet project is...
A Wristband

Then very quickly I started another project...
A Lens Pouch

Hands feeling itchy again, so I..
A Hairband

Not too long later I started another project again...
Greenie Rabbit

Lazy Panther

They are good friends. Not as bitchy as Eppahed :P

Then I actually just finished this today...
A Slouchy Hat

Now you believe me, I didn't do any illegal stuff when I gone MIA (Missing In Action). Yeah a new word I learned from my colleague. ^^V

Two weeks ago, I lost my iPod Touch in my office when all of us went out for lunch. When we went back to office, I was the first in the line who saw our maid sitting at staircase waiting for us. Then I saw the wooden door before the code-secured door is opened. I thought the maid opened it, so I didn't think of any. After I went in my office, I saw the drawer of nobody is opened. I felt weird but then again, maybe somebody opened it and forgot to close. I went back my place and started doing work. I put my headphone on and fully concentrate on my work until my boss went to the door and asked me "Is there something missing?" I blurred. I thought he is going out and maybe I have any question for him. Then I heard somebody keep pressing the security code. I asked my colleague, "Is there somebody outside or what?" She said "No lar, the boss is trying to change the code" I still blur. My another colleague messaged me and said that his office laptop went missing. After awhile, I then realized my iPod Touch went missing too. Mr Ho asked me to ask the company to compensate. But, for me, it's not about the money. He gave me that iPod Touch as birthday present! It's his first birthday present for me!

We talked over this for few days. Finally we agreed that asking his brother in Melbourne to help us buy a 32gb iPod. It's cheaper there. And, I pay 50%, he pay 50%. Well, he didnt really pay 50% cuz he traded his "free" lens (which he got it with his a700 package for less than RM3k). Today, his brother came back from Melbourne with the 32gb iPod. BUT, his luggage went missing in airport. =.=||| He called the airline company, they found it and will send over later. LOL. Their reason is, jimat petrol.

Click the image above for more!

The difference between my new and old iPod is,..

  • No longer "deaf"

    There's a built-in-speaker. I love the 'lock' and 'unlock' sound effect.

  • No more "summerboard"

    Sobs! my wallpaper and theme are gone~ have to find crack again!?

  • Put passcode ON

    This might help a little. I dunno. *sigh*

  • Chinese input keyboard

    Whee~~ now I can write or type pinyin for Chinese

  • Read Mail

    Check email~~~

  • Less scratches

    This one for sure.. LOL

Will discover more by the time. ^_^