Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nocturnes 夜曲

Today's mood :>

I actually like to listen to nocturnes.. especially when im alone or at night.. it makes me feel calm.. very hard to describe.. something like floating in the sky of stars.. freedom and peace..hmm.. listen to the video below then u get what i mean..

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Today's mood :>
Hey. Someone asked for my blog URL, so I better post something XP

I'm not in the mood these days. Erm.. Lost a friend. NO, he's still alive! Just realized that he removed me as friend in FB. I know it's small stuff, nothing important though. I just wonder why ler.. becuz i didnt comment on his posts? Or i'm just not having enough value to stay in his friend list? I didn't click "Add as friend" again. Just let it be ba..

There's always bottom line on everything.
You should care about others more than yourself but not until you hurt your ownself.
You should care about yourself but not until you hurt someone else.
Find the middle line and stick with it.

I wish, Friendship Forever.

ps : i still like choki2, stopped eating it doesnt mean i hate it. *peace*