Friday, March 19, 2004


Today's mood :>
feel so bad today..few dayz ago i was planning to make a webpage for my group of friends..i juz plan..i didnt tell them bout that..i juz told 1 of them n talked to him in class...then another girl came n trying to ask what r we talking about..then maybe i act too obvious that i dunwan anybody to know bout my planning so she looked very shocked , worry n oso sad as she said "ic..u got something to tell him but not me..what's the secret that u can tell him but not all of us.."im too afraid to let ppl think that im not trustworthy o i might betray them..i dunwan to tell them bout my planning bcuz im not sure that i can do it well..i dunwan anybody to disappoint and , of course, look down on i talked to the girl n wish that she understands what im thinking n feeling..i guess she'll think bout it when she gets home...hope that this wont break our friendship...peace forever..

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