Monday, September 27, 2004

For Those Who Miss Me Online

Today's mood :>
yeah..I finally broke my own record for not onlining for almost 2 months..heehee..somebody missing me? er..if u'r reading this, i think u started to miss me liao..hohohoh..cuz not many ppl will visit my blog..if they r, they're missing me at the same time ^^ tq for missing me n visiting my bloggie oo..oh birthday is coming..erm..coming soon less than 1's on 22 OCT, alrite..remember to gimme bday present :P my phone line is going to fix on the start of october..but it's kinda "no problem" for me to not online liaoz..if u have been not touching the pc for 2 months..u'll know how i feel..haha..rite? im now in PxSilver in sunway..the keyboard is same with my home 1~~~ewww i feel like onlining at home..hahaha..alrite, stop here..good luck to everyone n all the best..may God bless u :)

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