Sunday, August 29, 2010

I don't know why

Today's mood :>

I can't sleep. Let's give it an excuse, i took afternoon nap at 5pm.

i dunno why i like to live my life like a math question.
we don't really need an answer to everything i guess.
we don't need to know everything.
all we need is just to make ourselves happy without making others suffer.

what's going on with u?
what's going on with me?
what's going on with us?
what's going on with this world?

i feel like watching stars. i wanna be a star. (not celebrity)
be out of the space, be out of the noise, be out of the emotion
but i don't wanna leave this world..

what am i waiting for? what am i looking forward to?
maybe i never know how to make myself happy.

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