Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Maturity vs Passion

Today's mood :>
when u tend to act cool n analyze things..that's maturity..but do so-called matured ppl look into passion n the energetic side of young ppl?i dun see only bad or good things is both of this to balance it? u know, balance is always the best in between 2 opposite things.. but it's hard to archieve. im always categorized in the immature child.. bcuz im too emotional, i express too much? let go somebody is more than mature, but u also can say that u have less passion or will to hold that somebody.. u can't predict things in love.. neither me.. but i always think alot of possibility.. im not make it by myself.. there's evidence where guys dont realize.. it made by u.. made me think of THOSE possibility..i learnt to look at the sky when im not happy, or swinging on the 'gong gong' outside ur house. bcuz sky is big, spacious, so it made me feel more 'open-minded'..but i hope someday, when u feel that im lack of passion, will u think that it's maturity? hope u get what i mean..accept who i am..

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