Wednesday, April 02, 2008

4 in the morning

Today's mood :>
I'm still in office now, already stopped working. still waiting that lousy suka-suka restart mia computer render that 8 minutes presentation. pray that he wont angry me that i kacau him so late ler..

now office left me and anthony la. actually i got no car to go home. also dunno who's coming to pick me up ah~ actually, almost sun rise ler. no need go back also can gua. got no family members waiting me to go back n sleep. he also didn't gimme a phone call. i think it's ok gua..

ShoutOut oso kosong 1. everybody should be listening Grandpa Chou telling story gua. "jik mok dou ye sum" (lonely until late night in Cantonese) ah..still dunno how/want to go home anot..i miss you all ah~ :sing: "dang ni gu dan ni hui xiang qi shui, ni xiang bu xiang zhao ge ren lai pei~"


SaeWei said...

Alamak..poor thing.. That boss of yours is a nutcase can~ Abish him ah!

Finally you are back to blogspot eh.. hehehe...


Elvie said...


not back to blogspot lah.. i got the chinese version on msn space.. i translate the whole thing to put inside blogspot :D :D :D hahhaa..

help me abish him ler~ :manja: