Sunday, January 04, 2009


Today's mood :>
Just now I had slight heartache again. my heart felt uncomfortable, like a part of yr heart kena korek out. this had been happened to me few years back. I thought maybe I stayed up late for too long. for my case, it's quite noticable as my face will show that I'm suffering. it's not painful, but pressured.

Last November, my colleague, andrew told me that he has heartache like me too. but his case is much serious as he feels difficult to breath too. so he went to the hospital for a body check-up, no broken ribs -.-||| but he found out that it might be the early sign of heart-attack.

I never do a body check-up before. I think I'll be ok. it always has been like this, I will recover for the time being.
By the way, I think I gave myself too much pressure. I always wanted to be the best gf. I want to own him. I always want to keep track on what he is doing, thinking and feeling. until I loss the time for myself. and restricting him.

I'm such a loser.

is this PMS effect....?


Satkuru said...

why dun u do a full body check up ? no harm doing one, at least you would know where you stand in terms of health :)

Elvie said...

sat, my colleague went to do a body check up but doc said everything normal also... :/

thanks for concern :) i'll do it when... it gets more

Andrew said...

loving someone shouldn't be like a full time job. you know what i mean? you've been through november and december with me so you should know. in the two months i learnt to understand the 3A's needed in a relationship - Attitude, Attention and Appreciation. All 3 i failed miserably but i learnt over time. To love some one is not to own some one. It just puts more pressure on yourself where you wonder if you have done enough for him.

bear in mind that my chest pains was related to stress that i was going through in the last couple of months. I did have a case of heartburn for a while which partly caused my chest pains as well. I knew the docs would not find anything wrong with me but still its no harm going for a check up.

Elvie said...

hmmm 3A hor...
I only know the 4B - Bang Jio, Bang Bui, Bang Sai, BANG KAAANNNGGG!!!

it takes time to learn ler. I've been controlling myself for not being so demanding and depending. LOA, i would call myself. LOA for myself, TMA (Too Much Attention) for him.. :/