Monday, January 12, 2009

Today's mood :>
is he changed, or am I extremely LOA?
nobody can tell me, he never comfort me..or is everything happen too fast? heat up too fast, cool down also fast..
I have no idea, Feng. whether I want to b with a person that love me or a person that can b by my side.
why can't I have both? haha. maybe that's why, I be with a person that accompany me so that person doesn't love me.

but, what is love?

what made me so emo is bcuz I found out that he smsed his exgf who called him yesterday , said that "not good timing. call u tmrw" I confronted him, he said he didn't call her. how can I proof that he did or did not? can I trust him? I know, I already don't trust him first of all.

FireWire said, if u always suffer in a relationship, u better end it before it's too late. But which relationship never has bad times? if I never work hard, I won't learn anything. well he might be the only one who knows that I always try to save my relationship which he thinks it's wasting effort.

"THIS RELATIONSHIP IS NOT ONLY ME!" I always shouted this to him. I know he can never understand. I really am tired of this. I can't give up until I found proof. prove that this relationship has to end, prove that he doesn't love me anymore, prove that I don't love him anymore, prove that this is a dead-end.


Hugo Lim said...

agogo fish and all his fellow fishes from the Seven Seas and Oceans around Hugo Island would like to say...


don't give up till the last moment!

Elvie said...

wah where is seven seas and oceans? @_@

em.... sedang kah yau o... u too :)

Lasker said...

Agree with Firewire.
Listen to what he said .. for there is wisdom in it :nod: said...


what can a girl do when she encounter this?

play the opposite of what you will react or just, confront him again.