Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spending Spree

Today's mood :>
Yesterday, Mr Ho was going to meet with his client in Time Square. I followed him and he 'ABANDONED' me in Time Square as he had to go for his uni's alumni dinner thingy. I called up my fren, teng, to drop by and teman me shopping. But she said she is going to reach around 8pm when i called her at 6pm. sobz.. so I went Borders and rounded the craft and magazine sections. I just bought rm70 of magazines last week O_O. so i dun dare to buy any more books.

After I left Borders, I went into Sasa. A promoter approached me and trying to assist me. Well i was just looking for a new eyebrow brush. i told her so that i dont need to find it..she immediately gave me a cheapest 1.. rm2.90. wow. then she asked whether i am looking for anything else.. so i...err... saw the fake eyelash and asked her bout it.. FYI, i nvr tried to wear that before, so i bought 1 pair and the eye putti. she keep recommend me stuffssss until end up at the counter, RM269.10. omg!!! i just wanted to buy a rm2.90 stuff but end up i bought rm269!!! when i open my wallet, ..... i left rm2 after paying her. ToT

well the rm269 is including a bottle of sparkling mask, toner, eyebrow brush, fake eyelash, eye putti and mascara remover. huhuhu... this month im so gonna bankrupt!

after went to the ATM and refill my wallet T_T, i dun dare to walk around anymore. so i sat down at starbucks with a drink rm14.70. sigh. while watching youtube on other's notebook through the glass window next to me, my fren finally reached to rescue me from spending spree. but wtf we went to sing k! we sang until 4am and the bill was around rm180.



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this is how women contribute to the countries economy :)