Sunday, July 05, 2009

2 + 2 (unexpected) Leave Taken in June 2009

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olaa... let's update u about my June 2009 before the July ended.. LOL.. last month was super 'exciting' in a way that most of the things are unexpected.. lets start.

12 June 2009
I drove to work as usual, while I stopped near Jalan Kuchai Lama waiting traffic light to turn into Jalan Klang Lama, I heard some 'PAKKK' sound loudly on my left. I turned n saw my left passenger window was WHITE in color. I was wondering who the heck splash water on my glass, but when i looked closely, I saw cracks and motorcycle beside the window. "F***, dun tell me 'that story' gonna happen on me" I told myself. The next second before I could grab my bag on the passenger seat next to me, the snatch thief broke the window n grabbed it away. Of cuz, they 'vroom' and larikan diri. the next second, i finally came back and screamed 'F***!!!!!!!!!!!' and horn. Alot of people asked me why dont i bang the thieves. If i could, i would. i was stucked in the middle of the long queue, and FYI, there's a pasar pagi on my right, mamak stalls on my left. They are probably 'pro' in doing those stuff. I heard ppl in the mamak stall asked if i can drive. i didnt even look at them, i started my car (i think my car mati engine after window kena broken) and u-turn back to home. After calming down, Mr Ho drove me to block atm cards in the nearest banks. While on the way, we saw policemen standing on the road side, we stopped and asked where to get police report cuz my bag kena snatch bla bla. The policeman said "OH SO YOU ARE THE BLACK PROTON WIRA NEAR THE KUCHAI LAMA? I SAW YOU AND WANTED TO HELP YOU, BUT YOU DROVE AWAY" ... i was so speechless. help me then chase the motorcyclist. what is 'BUT YOU DROVE AWAY'? so my company is kind enough to gimme 1 day leave to settle my stuff. my advice, DO NOT PUT YOUR BAG ON THE PASSENGER SEAT. maybe u heard it a thousand times from anybody, but dun assume that it wont happen to you. that's my mistake.

18 - 19 June 2009 (Thurs - Fri)
actually my whole trip to Koh Samui is 18 - 21 june, but i only took 18 n 19 June as they are working days. I woke up 3am in the morning on the day of my flight to Koh Samui at 4.30pm just to do research what to do in Koh Samui. 4 of us reached there around dinner time. We checked in our hotel and had our approx rm140+ per person dinner before we get a tour package around the island at the 'tourist information' counter beside the restaurant. the next day, we went around the island in a van and took a number of photos including all the famous 'tourist-must-see' places. At night, we had cheaper dinner in some stall 'hiding' in the small lane. well we enjoyed thai horror drama there too. haha. i noticed that their orange juice taste like mandarin orange. @_@ On the third day, we went snorkeling around Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan. We had our free dinner at hotel which including in our hotel package. OMG their dinner is 'scary' and filling. the salad which came first probably can fill up ur whole stomach already. coming up next was the coconut milk soup, something like that but it tastes exactly like Tom Yam Gong. O_O then, the main course is some spicy spaghetti and then dessert is..fruits!! and then me and my fren secretly planned a birthday surprise for my other fren whose birthday is on 21 June (the day we will be coming back to KL). sadly, she's not surprised and not even sigh, whatever. I did my best. The next day is our last day in koh samui, we went shopping and had Pizza Hut for our lunch+tea time before we go to the airport. the Pizza Hut there got pork rib 1 lo, but not as nice as Malaysia's Gu Lou Yuk lar.. LOL. we almost late to the airport. when we arrived there, the counter said 'CLOSE' i was like 'omgwtfccbknn!#&$(%*!#$(*' we were told that the plane which we suppose to get in had engine problem, so the flight will be delay to the next day..... which is MONDAY! tho they pay for our EXTRA night in Koh Samui, i just dun feel like stay there anymore!!! For the first time I miss Malaysia so much. :P

22 June 2009 (Monday)
Yeah that's the EXTRA day in Koh Samui. I asked Mr Ho to email my boss to tell the story. Sigh... my leave just wasted like that. I took Berjaya Air to go Koh Samui but came back with Firefly. well that gives me extra experience.. hehe..

Thats all.. I seriously dunno why am i so unlucky in June..

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