Monday, December 15, 2003


Today's mood :>
i guess every family also got their own problem right? im saying this, of cuz, my family oso got quite big least i think it's serious lah..the main problem is comunication family members especially my dad and my eldest brother..seldom talk to us..very very rarely..what can i do as being the youngest in the family? honestly i dont think they treat me as an adult..they thought i dun care bout the family problem! my sis said that to me...but i juz keep quiet..

tell u guyz somthing dem funny...this is my mom's sick of it..i told her that i went yum cha with my frens at mamak's not late at 'yum cha' normally in the evening b4 8pm..u guyz know what she said? she said that she dunno what frens i mix with..all the ppl yum cha at mamak not good is that? u guyz agree with it?

arghh....leave the sad thingy aside..the happy thing is my sis going to marry!! wedding dinner is on 3rd Jan 2004 at Restaurant Golden Lake near Serdang...come if u guyz interested..but pls remember to give us 'big' ang pao oo~ ^^

now im watching Big Family at channel 34..erm..i juz dun like kakilang fight with kakilang..stop the war n live up with peace pleaseeeeeeeeeeee.... >< anyway thx for reading...

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