Friday, December 19, 2003


Today's mood :>
im juz back from genting ler..erm..not this late lah..i went home bout 7 sumthing after my ro time in playing sakray..lvl 82/50 edi....dem happy..erm..tmr cannot continue cuz going out with my sis to buy new clothes for her wedding..awwwwww~~~ i wanna ro!!!

let's get back to the title...i went genting on 18 dec ler...going out early in the morning to puduraya..reached there around 12 something lah..then went book room loh..usually oso go first world geh..but full house edi...WTF?! 6k roomz oso can FULL HOUSE!!!??? then went hotel resort,hotel highland,hotel genting,hotel theme park,...almost all oso full house..EXCEPT the Awana apartment..but i dun wanna stay there!!! too far from theme park..(n oso snow world) haha...n then a guy asked us whether we want a room in first world(actually it's illegal)...that time he juz look like legs were so tired...cannot walk anymore..then we faster rush to the room n rest!!! if u guyz wanna go genting n pass a nite sure u book the room b4 going to genting..especially season time...

we wish u a merry christmas, we wish u a merry christmas, we wish u a merry christmas n a happy new year~! ahahha ... i like x'mas..y? cuz i like SNOWY~! i like cool..(not cold) i get to genting..the main game i wanna play is SNOW WORLD! was about -0.2 celcius tat time...>< n the manager let the 'snow' drop from the's dem nice..actually it's juz bubble lah..kekeke...from far look like snow oso's so memorable....T.T so touched~

late at nite..hrmph...for me..kakakka..i wouldnt want to sleep for we went down n walk around...still that noisy n everybody walking around..n then got bar there playing techno music..(but seems like nobody shaking their head or even buttz)hahaha...n these dayz got an event..erm...sound like choir or...anything lah...a group of ppl sang in the middle of the road..(chimagen) but actually it's really nice..u guyz should know lah..those who singing for the x'mas thingy geh..sound like heaven ajer...^^

the funniest thing i met this time in my ride the way we're back from genting to genting the caber car ler..i was looking outside to the another caber that's going to genting..then the guy took off his shirts n showing MY SIDE!!! then his frens (girls n boys) juz lol....they're playing around lah i know..but really shock u guyz better be careful next time..hahahaha....nowadayz kidz.............

i think it's long enuf for u guyz to read liao..hahaha thx for missing me :x /heh

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