Friday, December 05, 2003

Ill + Flu + Cough + Sore Throat + Tooth Pain

Today's mood :>
im sick lah guyz...sorry that yesterday cannot join u guyz bball ler..but this sickness made me happier...y!? firstly, i didnt go class!~~ i got MC~~ after i went to the reception centre n let student admin approve my MC i went home loh..when i went home...u know what i saw!? mwuahahahahahah!! the warning letter from the one academy (pls read previous post of what letter is that) oso nvm lah~ ^^ so happy..n lega-lah~ shueee fukkk saiii~~ then rest awhile at home..after tat..RO hard to lvl up..well bout the tooth pain ah..last few yrs ago my tooth (not the rabbit tooth lah ok) kena 'tiu nga gen' means..have to take out the tooth root<--hope u guyz und my rojak eng lah..erm..kinda serious geh...but i juz leave it loh..cuz that surgery needs rm600-700 mom said it's too leave it until now...pain again..wu wu wu wu..but today better liao..not that pain liao../gg nyek nyek nyek nyek u guyz oso have to take care ur health oo..sick liao very cham de..only can eat porridge..cannot go outside..n BRUSH UR TEETH at least TWICE A DAY!..hahaha..ok lah stop here~ to be continue... ^^V

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