Sunday, December 26, 2004


Today's mood :>
anybody know what's the meaning? i translate lah

rainbow at the night, snow at the tropics;
我们都一起欣赏过的奇景,the wonderful view we watched together,
can they prove that we really have fate?

i put this chinese phrase on my msn nick...actually how many of u believe that there's a rainbow at nite and malaysia dropping snow...haha..abit wrong channel rite..? i believe that if u pass these with a person..for sure u have fate with this person..n this person with me is Him..maybe i juz wan to comfort myself..tell myself that we have fate..LoLx..but it's really rare to see those view lah...hehehe...maybe i wont forget Him...maybe there's an end for our many maybe..what can i think of ler? better dun think of them..juz let it be..rite?

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