Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Today's mood :>
I've lost everything for time, my feeling, my emotions, my thinking, my family, my money, my friends, my phone, real everything..did u take it for granted? Did u give me ur world too? comparing doesn't exist in i don't care.. but is it love is only juz giving out? it's 2 parties depending each other..i admit im not as good as others, im not as pretty as others, im nothing better than others..or i lost my confidence to u too? Am I the loser? Did I lose something? Is there a place in ur heart for me to stand still? I lose..and I lost..Do u have something to say? yea..i've got it right..u hide something from me..If i didnt ask u that, what will u say to bluff me? i hate myself on being "too clever" to see through u..can i juz turn my head n run away.. i'm afraid i can't face this.. I'm the real loser...

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