Thursday, October 23, 2008

Documentary for my 2008 birthday

Today's mood :>
Well if you don't know, yesterday was my birthday. So this is a documentary for my birthday this year as I always forget what I did last birthday. Lol. *ps : I'm using iPod touch to blog this so no photos yet.*

21 Oct 08 (Tue)
Went to work as usual of cuz not forgetting to Remind my colleagues that tomorrow is my birthday. hehe. when i reached Mr Ho's house, he just came back with secret recipe's cake saying will count down my birthday tonight . then i had dinner with Mr Ho. He showed me the photos he took in his office and I saw Hannah Tan's photos (5/8) on his office table. I knew this long long time ago, just that i din say anything bout it. But this time I asked "Why do u like Hannah Tan?" he got angry, took away the camera and denied that he likes Hannah Tan. Since then he didnt talk to me the whole night. Oh yes we slept at 9 something. I asked him "r u going to sleep?" he replied "no lar later vicky come collect a cd" ok then 10pm vicky came n went away. he lied back on the bed as me too. but since it's 10pm I don't mind let him rest. but 12am I felt he woke up n c his hp (probably checking time) he lied back to sleep. and then 1.30am I woke him up and talked to him. We argued. I said "if u r not going to celebrate with me then tell me. there's ppl want to celebrate with me." he showed puzzled face. at this point I seriously feel that he didn't make an effort to celebrate with me and he said that he's not in the mood. I looked for the present he said he bought for me. It's a StarWars Yoda Figure. Im not really a fan of Yoda so I gave him and said I don't want it. Im trying so hard to think that he DOES put a little bit of effort but still.. IMO too little as a bf. He said the same old thing, that im trying to monitor his life. he said he doesnt know what and why he need to tell me everything. he said he only tell me things i need to know. and of course i need to know what i need to know. i also want to know what i want to know, thats why i asked! i dont need to know all ur emails and sms but if I asked certain email or SMS, why can't u just tell but feeling I'm monitoring ur life? there's always no solution or conclusion to our "discussion". we end up sleeping.

22 Oct 08 (Wed)
The first ever birthday wish today came from Anna. but if I check the time, Khai Siang is the first cuz he sent in 12 something midnight. ok its not a race so dont mind about it. :P and some fellas i don't really know who wishes me on skype. I went to work as usual but with extremely bad mood. I think it's bcuz he took the yoda n gave me as birthday present. cuz I personally feel that he didn't think what I like for my birthday present. altho I din expect a present and so I should be happy to receive one. but I rather no present than a present that he never think whether I like it or not. a lot bday wishes today. it's much more than any year of my birthday. but none of them is from my family. it's ok cuz my family only remember my birthday in lunar calender. I wish to thank my beloved colleagues sooooo much. they are the one celebrate with me on the actual date of my birthday. And they made it my day today. but if I have time to celebrate with my friends or shouters, they probably will do the same. At first i said want to belanja my colleagues Kenny Roger 1 but they wan to pay themselves. then ok lo.. save some money :P And what happen to my birthday wish? (i only blow candle once today) my boss said "wish the project faster finish" ...stress... i said "wish my salary faster increase"... hahaha he buat tak dengar pulak. so i actually didnt wish for anything hahaha.

after celebrate with my colleagues I went to the gym as Mr Ho said go gym today. yeah I do feel disappointed when he said he's going to gym on my birthday. I met my friend there too. he said he can take me go dinner sin e it's my birthday and he shouldn't see me in gym on my birthday. he said Mr Ho at least can bring me to eat in a better place. But I replied "not everybody knows how to be romantic" Lol. I know Mr Ho can b romantic but maybe not to me. we went back n had dinner. he said eat cake later but we fell asleep after dinner. 12 something I woke him up and asked for blowing candles but he said "coming soon". 3 something I did it again. he said "tomorrow morning first. dun eat cake at night". so... then can't fall asleep n post this.

Tomorrow is not my birthday. Thank you for everything.

23 Oct 08 (Thurs)
He woke me up at 7am with a candle lighted durian cake and sang me happy birthday song. YEAH DURIAN CAKE from secret recipe. I thought he was joking =.= after the song i ate the cake without brushing teeth (shh) then he turned and went online. I went to work as usual then went back home as usual too. nothing much today but the comments on my facebook photo. (as far as i can remember) thanks to people who wish me happy b'lated bday ya. and broke my record of longest comments on a photo..hahaha

24 Oct 08 (Fri)
I went to work as usual again. He arranged a party for me in his house (so dun blame me if i didnt invite u) His friends (i knew them too) came with present and SHANDYYYYY hahaha. There's lots of shandy even until today still couldnt finish. I got a mug from Yoga and Wani :) And I shall thank his mom too for preparing the BBQ session and ICE-CREAM CAKE. whua i tell u the ice-cream cake is so the nice! And yay this is the 3rd and last time to blow my bday candles :) thank you to people who came : Yoga & Wani, Azzahir & Zarina and James. sobz sobz, aaron dun feel bad, next yr we do it again k? XD and thanks for ur wishes on the phone..hehe. Of cuz shouldnt forget to thank the person who arranged this party, Mr Ho. altho i'm still waiting for the 'real' present. I really no interest in the Yoda la. =.=||| U buy KEN even better! i can molest him...hohoho.. Yoda is old d, i duwan molest him.

26 Oct 08 (Sun)
William planned a 'birthday' outing for me but i think most of them dunno bout it. haha. I drove to Sunway and went to the ATM cuz my wallet left RM0. So bad the ATM can't read my card and then I walked all the way to the new wing to withdraw some money. Then we (william, daniel, alvin, aaron and me) gathered at Old Town Kopitiam and had our light breakfast before go goyang giler in Sunway Lagoon. Jessie and Jeannie couldnt come due to transport problem. *sigh* We bought the 'waterpark+amusement park', RM48 each. The very first ride we played is TOMA HAWK! Well, I guess the pirate ship ride is the funnest 1. LoL luckily our saliva didn't drop to the opposite side @_@ yuck! In the waterpark, I'm the most kesian 1. (this is so-called MY birthday outing loh) I kena thrown up and down for dunno how many thousand times. sobz.. my ankle got scratched. The cup ride is super unforgettable too. Pening like ****. This is the most pening i ever get in the cup ride. I hope u all enjoyed that day. Hehe. Thanks for coming tho. And thanks AlvinC for the SO keychain ya! :)

Ok once again, thanks for everything.


FireWire said...
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Bryan Hoo said...

happy belated birthday ah hehe

Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

yo... writing essay kah? nth special on your 2008 birthday! lala

Elvie said...

bryan >> thanks :)

gavin >> lol wait lar i not yet finish my essay~~

Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

aiyo... write so long for wat oh... sure dun have ppl want to read your superd long essay oh

Elvie said...

that's y it's a documentary ma...kakaka

Anonymous said...

had a great outing that day... very fun... its been some time since i went out with Shouters... so very happy... i think happier than this bday gurl.. LOL

glad u like that SO keychain...