Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Look At The Back

Today's mood :>
I came back from work and started surfing net cuz Mr Ho still sleeping / "resting". And I just visit friendster (I seldom check it). Upload new photos and had a chance to see from the first pic till recently......

I can't help but I think the past is happier than now. Maybe I only take pics when I'm having fun. So what i looked back is only Happiness. Isn't that a good practice? I tried to do the same to my blog, just document the happy moments. But then, blog (for me) is to release something, showoff something. It's my world, my life. So use 'text' to document unhappy memories is a better way. At least sometimes i'm lazy to read :P

Mae plurked "time flies". yeah, if you look back. I looked back, i argued with him always but we still had fun taking pics in a trip, i had to work late but we still had fun having dinner with colleagues. A picture says a thousand words, especially when u have memory in the photo.

I can't wish that time turns back. I honestly can't feel like those days just happened 2 days ago. But I do remember how it feels like, at that time. Nervous, happy, excited, crazy,bla bla bla.. But why.. why do I feel depressed right now? Do I think that last time was happier than right now? Why do i need to compare that? Maybe sometimes later when I look back at this time I am happy..

I know why.. and I know how..
I'm just too hungry (not yet eat dinner) and I just need to eat something then I can concentrate at present time.. R u same with me?

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