Friday, October 17, 2008

Unusual but LOL

Today's mood :>
Okay I'm in office so i gotta make this fast.

I got 2 colleagues n 1 boss in my office. 1 is going out lunch with her fren, 1 is coming in after lunch and the boss is going somewhere. So I'm left alone to have my lonely lunch time.

I walked to the nearby mamak, and on the way, there's a guy in his 30s bumped into me and said "Zhou Meh Lei Gam Leng Geh? Lei Giu Mat Yeh Meng A?" (in English : why are you so beautiful? what's ur name?) And my mind straight away appeared a blog i visited not long ago ( LoL, and then i gave that guy a annoyed "smile"..

i know this kinda idiot appear anywhere..but the point is
yeah, of cuz there's indian who are attractive (ahemz) but JUST NOT HIM! And he can speak cantonese so fluently.. omg! read that, i would be same like her, also give him an advice "wtf!"

ok bye. LOL.


FireWire said...

the indian must be blind

=/\qUa/ViC= said...

Where are you working at??

Going back to Malaysia lu~ 'Ceng Do DO Ji Gao' =P

Elvie said...

firewire >> cis cis! what u mean! :P

Zhing Yee >> now working at Solaris@Mont Kiara :( WHEN YOU COME BACK MALAYSIA!!!!! MUST GO OUT DRINK WITH U EDI!!!

Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

my god... elvie should be celebrate oh.. finally got ppl said her pretty...

"sky no eye" oh!

Elvie said...

gavin >> HEY! alot ppl say me pretty okay, but indian he's the 1st one only :P "sky got eye" 1 i tell u, later will have karma on u XD

zilch™ said...

dun copy my ok bye trademark pls. and btw, he's just trying to bodek you. haha, dun give up, keep trying :P

Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

u can ask sissyboy, KC, sky, ser young and cetana for voting "Elvie is pretty"

Elvie said...

"ok bye" I took from Mr Ho 1. so u tell him la..
botek means what?

my toyboy won't treat me so bad oneeeee~~~~ hehehe