Friday, November 28, 2003


Today's mood :>
like long time nvr post ediz..hahaha..sorry lar..i was busy for my coll assignments...cuz kena warning letter bout i din submit 7 out of 10 lecturer said that if i wan to save back my life..i have to pass up 3 sets in 1 week..1 set = 3 pieces of a3 size figure sketching..AND I DID IT!! so proud of so touched!!! erm..i wanna thx my family, my lovely frens n oso my lovers! ahahahah...thx everybody!! woohoooooo~ im so high..hakakakaka...erm..tien sheng juz added me a testimonial in friendster..he said that sometimes i look fierce wo!!! got mer? hehehe..yea guaaa..kakaka..depend on talking with who geh..talking to shengz kor ah..must fierce abit geh..if not he'll bully lar im juz joking..ok..bout this title ah..erm..i learnt a lesson loo...actually long time ago oso learnt liao 1..juz that i nvr change ma..assignments r good for us...PRACTISE MAKE PERFECT ma...but my lazyness cannot remove 1 lah..who dunwan be a robot wor..?can work batt then juz recharge..hor!? more coming soon ler..bE rIgHt BaCk MoRe OfTeN..ok!! ^^V

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