Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Today's mood :>
alrite alrite..somebody is complaining that im pressuring them on my bday..hahah...im really happy and appreciate those comments u guyz gave me..especially my lovely kor kor , eugene that had left malaysia (and me..T_T) for his further studies in Australia..kor, thx for ur msg..nvm la..u already forgot my bday for 3 yrs edi..dont really mind that liao..and it's better this yr that at least u visit my bloggie..it's really the 1st time u visit here rite? in other hand, im not so happy that i had made somebody misunderstood by my sms after my bday..i didnt mean to hurt him but i have to learn to say "NO" from now on..kor, i got abit heartache when u said u'r happy that i found my true loved 1..i tot that i can't forget u and everything that happened between u and me..those lovely n sweety memories..finally i found out that..if 1 day..i suddenly think of u, means that i already forget u..to help me look forward..but of cuz, i'll nvr forget those days we had together..i wanna thank u for giving me those memories, advises, kisses and huggiez..thank for bluffing me so that i feel happy behind the beautiful lies...i wish u'r blessed over there and having happy times like me :) i really hope that u can come back malaysia safely..god bless u...(im not a christian ya..)hehe...

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