Wednesday, November 24, 2004

3rd Chance from God

Today's mood :>
u might find that u'r lucky to have 2nd used to be feng's group presentation..but becuz of lacking of time..they're allowed to present next week..i know it's a happy aint bad but when they say they might have the 3rd chance from very unhappy but not angry or mad at them like one in my class..hehe..i said "Go to hell!" when they said that..bcuz if u think that He will give u the 2nd chance..go n try to kill urself c whether He'll save ur life..then u'll know whether He loves u..or not?i know this will make somebody sorry for that la..pls look around whether there's a chance for u to do something useful..dun waste any chance but anyway im wasting time in here not a good example too :( anyway, u r welcome to gimme some comment on this title lo.. :)

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