Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Today's mood :>
faith is a nickname of a fren of mine..he's a nice guy bcuz he's sagis..haha..he's quite leng chai 1 er..n still available leh! okok..go to the main point, tmr 25 Nov is his 21st bday..if im not went to eat KFC with bunch of classmates..including "soulforger" my OLM lecturer, chee fong..i felt happy to eat with lotsa frens lo..although nobody belanja home pc still can't online bcuz of the f*cking modem..i've paid "stimyx" for almost half a yr without using it..arggh...crap crap should be abit tired but luckily i rest whole nite long last nite..i should be rushing marker visual..but too tired to continue awake to the 37th went to sleep..i know it's not good to rush last minute work but things doesnt go so smooth..that week b4 this i was badly sleepy n tiring..althou im still feeling that way now but i tried not to touch my bed becuz i'll definitely asleep..i think that's the way to continue my work..dun waste the 1/3 life time on continue work..eugene had come back from really happy with it at 1st but not too sure about him..i know he has to spend time with his not mad on him that he didnt find me at the 1st place..i didnt even crazy bout him now..time has washed away my feeling..?nah..nothing can wash away it but he not asking anything from him now but i wish that he's fine, i wish that he's blessed by the one above us..maybe the one i love is not him but "he" that always stay in my heart.."he" is perfect n illusion in my heart of a perfect man that having his it's not him...argh..i wish u can understand what i mean..this post is too long liao la..i continue in next post..haha..

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