Wednesday, November 24, 2004

To Be Continued...

Today's mood :>
aww man..i juz got news from Fish..she said chee fong, my OLM lecturer going to resign..i tot he was kidding me..anyway he's really a good lecturer..everything is nice on him..anyway..he's sagis too..maybe u'll say "aww...sagis again a.." sorry bout that..but sagistarians r always nice n kind guy to me..o.O wonder y...back to the resign thingy..he's playful in class..but i guess most of my classmates like him..he gave me a bday present..talked to me when im upset..solving our programming problems..sad to hear that lah..but i wish this is not what he wish to do..i'll tell myself he's forced to resign..anyway he's still a good fren of mine :) everybody cross ur fingers n pray for him ba..if u hope that he'll leave the one, pls at least wish him get a better job..hehe..

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