Sunday, January 23, 2005

Assignments again.....

Today's mood :>
let me list down what i have to do in this period...i almost forgot what i have to do..cuz everyday play gunbound until crazy..must put some time on my assignments liao..hehe

  • Online Media - Lab of Emotions
  • Multimedia Authoring - Malaysian Identity (KL Railway Station)
  • Marker Visual - Semi-finished Marker + 1 set of Figure Sketching

erm.....i think that's all...looks like very lil but when need to brainstorm that die la...alrite...if i din blog for a long time..plz b patient ah..hehe :P

oh yea...anybody know where can i download PowerWord 2003 software by Kingsoft for free?

n...anybody got Macromedia Director latest version de installation cd ? pirated oso can :P i need to install liao..hehe..

thx for reading..

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