Thursday, January 27, 2005


Today's mood :>
ei...not very long oni ma..4 days oni din post..hahah..ok loh...since my best fren Fish oso blogging..i layan abit..:D O'cha...what's about my title? i juz finished bath ah..used o'cha shower gel..erm..when bathing no smell 1..after bath then very very nice smell ah~~~ u guyz can have a try..ehehe..last few days my class got a very hot's about my 2 frens broke up..they were like 2 sticking honey bean..ehhehe..always together n nvr apart..suddenly got this news i really can't believe it lo..anyway i still hope both of them happy of them told me..if my loved 1 wants freedom then juz give him..what he wants juz give him..n then he'll understand y am i doing all this..i think cannot say like this loh..cuz everybody oso got own personality de..some will appreciate it..some will not..some will know it some will not..there's so many kind of ppl in this can u put a 'public format' on human ler..rite? for me..juz let it be..if he wants freedom which i can still afford..then i can give..what i told myself is..if he wants to run away..i can't block him..nobody can what for i stand there n blocking him to fly? i juz hope that he can fly above me n smiling at me...i know he wont agree with this..anyway he wont be reading my bloggie too..i write what i like.. :)

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