Friday, January 21, 2005

Good Mood!

Today's mood :> im feeling so reason..maybe i think through something or what..haha..the last days passed i always in bad mood..n always want HIM to care bout me..i got many demands from him..n he get tired of that..but dunno y..i really dunno y i can feel so good now..maybe i gave a reason to myself..for the reason y am i feeling so bad last dayz..i guess maybe my "aunty" going to visit me..LoLx..but that really makes me happier..maybe if im happy in front of HIM..he'll be happy too..then i wont feel that he's sad then i'll be in bad mood again..rite? everytime i see his sad or moody face i'll be very moody n then he'll think that i suddenly moody then both of us oso moody...LoLx..y wan to act like that? i wan him to care bout me 1st i must care bout him..! am i right? n then i think of something..i wanna tell u guyz..HE ONLY LOVE ME! NOBODY ELSE...hehehe..mayb im too confident? well that's the way i comfort myself..i love to see his touching..especially the smile while juz wake up..heheh..he's completely blur but he'll smile n looking at me...owww im gonna cry..heheh i must stop here..cuz he's waiting me to go over his place n have lunch with HIM..i wanna write down this that in the future i'll know how good i actually feel this time..if im sad..hehehhe...bao bei..i really hope u can read this..cuz i really wanna tell u..I LOVE U..more than everything in my i too selfish? i can't hide..i wanna let u feel my passion on u..ganbatte! ^.^

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