Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Today's mood :>
hrm..chat with many ppl last nite..i mean few hours ago la..they advised me to find another 1 wo..but i can mer? i dun wanna give up lo..but ppl edi decline me..y i still wan to hold so tight leh..made myself san fu oni..rite? haha..in my heart, he's really the best 1..but y i did such thing to hurt him leh? too much ler me..sigh..these few dayz for me r so plain..so empty..i dunhaf the mood to do anything..except thinking of him..he asked me to stand in his shoes n think..i understood..even the same thing happened to me..i also can't accept..y i still beg him like i got no class leh? cuz i really luv him n i can't live without him lo..but how i wan him to be with me ler? horoscope said im a trustworthy ppl..blah! everybody around us oso know that he's serious this time..n me too..but sigh..incident happened too suddenly..those 4 months r juz a dream..im back to 4 months that me..i can only luv him in my heart..he knows ma? i wish to back to the dream...where i can feed him honey star..cook for him..play with him..do assignment with him..bath with him..help him to clean up his room..hide inside blanket with him..so close to him..im not acting sad..im real sad..y when the time broke up,we only know we really luv each other..can sumbody tell us that we still can be together?..........

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