Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Valentine's Day

Today's mood :>
yesterday is valentine's day..im very sad..i dun wanna say that..i know it's my fault..i can really swear in my heart only got feng..last nite..after came back from red box..i felt very very lonely..much much sad..cuz i used to be with him at that time..until 4am only go back home..he paid alot of his freedom to me..i did give out myself too..i did try my best to make him happy always..it's juz incident..this morning..when i woke up..the 1st thing i think of is him..i can't help myself..i forgot when did i go sleep..i muz b slept for quite some time..arrrggggghhhhhhh...i really very very miss him..even i'll only get scolded by him if i talk to him..i rather get scolded then sitting here doing nothing..it's like..an angel did something wrong in heaven..the punishment is to push to hell..nobody can help..i dun wanna go..he'll feel annoy if i always go find him..i muz act happy..so that he dun feel sad too..but in this bloggie..i really wanna release out my emotions..i really really really really love him..miss him..need him..feng..feng...bar bee wont die..cuz bay bee loves bar bee..n bar bee still very love bay bee..dun cut it off..i beg u..plz...plzzzz....i can promise u everything..i can do anything for u..believe me plz...i know im wrong..juz 1 more try? feng..dun push me to hell if u love me..i know u do..feng....fenggggggggg.....i dont cry in front of ppl..doesnt mean im not sad..im crying in my room...im not want to 'bok tong ching'..i really really need u very much..i promise u i'll be very very guai n all listen to u..plz..i really wan to be with u only..bcuz only u love me in this world..if u leave me..there's only cover in my life..bay..u'r always my bay..plz take me back as ur bar bee..i wont take off the necklace which carved ur name..becuz i'm always urs..bay..that's only incident..we can work it out de..we can..bay, i really very need u to be my side..im like lose my shadow..im floating..i miss u....i want u back...bay... ayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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