Monday, February 07, 2005

back from Penang..

Today's mood :>
yooo back from Penang my brain n body r feeling uncontrol..especially my mind is very confuse n heart beat very getting high jor..i didnt take ecstacy ah..i didnt drink o smoke too..i didnt take drug..LoLx..i juz listen to songs..keng leh? it's good for me to feel like this without taking drugs least i wont hurt my organs ma..rite? well im listening benny benassi right now..might feel better if it's night now..with headset..n disco light..woohoo..that'll be great..
penang trip ah..not no nice la...cuz went there do assignment oni..not go not very excited..haha..the good thing is got free LAKSA eat loh..CNY coming soon..n oso valentine's plan a..cuz got project have to passup on valentine's day..mmmmm....i cannot write liao..have to stop..getting sooo high...

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