Tuesday, February 08, 2005

it's not CNY..

Today's mood :>
haihz..almost every year i face this kinda...erm...how to say? situation..which like my own real brother..ahh...i dunno where to start 1st..from start till the end..im not welcomed..im always not invited to their activity..i didnt act 'lan c' if u know me..they juz went genting..me? still at home..writing bloggie..haihz..actually im not desperate wanna go genting..juz feel like..im alienated..well i still can comfort myself using 'cheh! i dun follow u guyz go i still can go with my frens..n that will be much funnier n greater than with u guyz..!'but my heart still doesnt feel very well..so i listen to benny benassi again =.= drinking beer..considered to smoke..but i didnt..i decide to call my bao bei up..no service....arghhh....y...when i needed u the most u'r not there..y......y dont u stand by my side? i wanna get drunk n sleep..dun wanna think of anything......

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