Friday, June 06, 2008

Sony Alpha A200

Today's mood :>
Ok, this post is gonna be very long.. u can just scan tru the photos, i wont blame u.. haha :D yesterday, i went to my Ex-office to collect my salary, then Mr. Ho called me n asked me if i can go collect the camera from his fren who's working in Sony at The Curve. But i have to pay for it first.. so I went to the atm n toot money.. the atm withdraw limit is RM1500 nia.. i toot the maximum out.. wah lao first time my wallet so kembang until cannot close oh! After I pay his fren then i have to wait for 1hour.. so i went to the MPH to lepak.. @@ i lepak for 1 hour there leh!! giler.. after collect the camera i faster rush back to avoid the traffic jam ><"

*note that the cameras are not belong to me.. i just have the permission to use it nia ><"*



The Lens' Box

Front View

Perspective View
Back View

User's View
The "Mode GearBox"
The Strap
All the while im using this Panasonic Lumix to take photos geh..including this batch and this photo :D She cries cuz got new camera edi.. she worried that she's gonna be neglected :D
Mr. Ho bought this CF card for RM60 in Low Yat plaza. 2gb nia but enuf for me liao :D
Ok now see the comparison of 2 cameras.. I dunno the difference lah, im not using a tripod so the angle not fixed ya.. and the left 1 hor i set ISO to auto.. so the brightness oso cannot compare 1.. im using macro mode for the left 1.. i guess the right 1 have more sensitivity on DOF lo..
So far, I still cannot get use to the slr camera.. it's making my left eye sakit and i sked slowly got wrinkles come out!! samo the digicam is lighter..heheh..dun worry Lumix, i'll still love u~~ muax~! ^^

Now only i know the slr mia photos are 3:2 aspect ratio mia.. ><" noob me..And finally, i can have a shot of me like that..^^ ok lar i admit im camwhorer :P blehz


Lasker said...

Hey Babe! :D
Dont cry la Smilega1 ... they invest ma, they ma can use it lor .. You also can invest right?

But you need to get your job first :D

Elvie said...

bahahahahha.. ya loh
wait, im not crying lar.. the Lumix oso not my 1 leh.. ><"

Charles Key said...

haha..Congrats on owning a dslr..Me bought for almost a week liao, I still can't get use to it, the manual focusing is killing me..haha..but worth it la..hahaha

Elvie said...

lolx congrat to u also la.. if can teach me some tricks lo ok..hehe..

My one no live preview la so left eye sakit.. manual 1 needs patience hor.. hmmm jia you ba! ^_^

Charles Key said...

me also no live view ma, but better also ma, see view finder more chun...hahaha..especially in outdoor,,it's better to see view finder geh..

MF is a bit hard, but once get use to it..hehehe..

Satkuru said...

wahse one step closer to dslr :P so when ler gonna get ? can tahan one meh you, lololol

Elvie said...

charles >> i dunno when oni can bring that alpha go kai kai ler.. haha..

satkuru >> ehemz.. depends on tahan what lo.. :D anyway i can see the alpha everyday, touch him everyday, kiss him everyday, hug him to sleep everynight, so.. can tahan ma.. kakaka..hopefully can tahan until enough money to get one for myself :)

Aaron@AxiaL said...

Eh I like your lens cap lol got Alpha logo XD
Next time go outing we can do Alpha talk ok rofl.

Rasty said...

its so lovely~

Elvie said...

aaron >> swt.. got ppl like lens cap mia mer.. hahah.. alpha talk ar.. ermm u talk i listen lo :D im noob ler..

rasty >> hie.. thanks ^^ but it's not mine..T^T