Thursday, June 05, 2008

US Army Special Force Sniper

Today's mood :>
u know, now im not working liao ah, should have alot free time 1.. but actually i still find myself very busy go here n there @@..especially these 2 days @@, so today this post is to blog about few days ago geh.. emm.. i had some photo shooting on the new toy of Mr. Ho's collection. ><||| he just bought a 12-inch-figure of US army special force sniper.. reminds me of CS... :whee: i want to play now~~ ><" okok faster post photos 1st :P

this batch of photos i didnt put my url inside lo, please don't steal it ya.. was planned to pass to Mr. Ho to put on the forum geh..but he very lazy :P


ben said...

wah , look very 'yeng' ler the little army~

Life's Roller Coaster~

Elvie said...

hi ben..
thanks for comment :D
yeah especially when they are all equipped with small small accessories..