Sunday, June 01, 2008

My last day of work

Today's mood :>
Last Friday (2 days ago), was my last day in my "PREVIOUS" company..hohoho.. swt.. should i sound happy ler? okok, i just simply type lah what happened that day.. :P soooo, ermm everybody 'congrate' me on ShoutOut..colleagues pulak say "hai tiao..." (created by the intern, not sure what it means but he always say that ><|||) it's something like "cham loh..." like that ..ahahha.. cuz he has to do what i used to do in the company..XD all the best to him lu,... bye-bye~~ :D ok then, i forgot to bring camera while having "farewell lunch" with the company.. we (only the production team) divided into 2 cars to go.. Atria (i think it spells like that).. eat what? NANDO'S! omg! u know what, on the last day in my pre-previous company, we also ate NANDO'S! swt... before we go nando's, we stopped at a toy shop.. then after we went nando's, Juliane bought me this---> Destiny Gundam!

The photos are taken yesterday night..

It costs RM20 nia :P

looks nice? i did it all by my own ler.. maybe later will buy some paints lar.. cuz very the plain.. ><" the last photo nice anot.. wait until u see the setting..hahahaha..
It's actually on top of my laptop and the background actually is a wallpaper..:D hahahah.. now i got a new idea to setup white bg for coming photos!! haha..
ok after the lunch, we went back n work...until 7pm, that boss is still making me angry.. haihz.. but i told myself.."it's my last day already, it's my last day already!" After lepak, i wait u, u wait me, for 1 hour (seriously i dunno why we wasted that hour :D) then we went to The Curve, was planning to go T.G.I.F to have our dinner, since it's Friday, of cuz it will be full on a Friday right? so, nvm we find another place to eat lo.. We end up setting down at Manhattan Fish in Cineleisure! The service there is super bad!! First, the food come first before the drinks! (we were told that the food will come abit slow due to not enuf workers) but the food still come earlier than the drinks! duh! then me n another colleague got no knife n fork to eat even after a couple of minutes we shoot the photos of the food! I ate with my fingers without complaining cuz im really very hungry. Then..wait! where's the sauce.. we asked some sauce from the waiter, he came with 2 small sauce plates of chili sauce for 9 of us! mana cukup lah! then we asked for more chili sauce and TARTAR sause also please! then he came with 2 more chili sauce and 2 tartar sauce! omg! *bangwall* finally my colleague went to complain to the manager, then the manager came with alot chili sauce and tartar sauce! ><" ok fine! cuz the bill left out the Fish 'n Chip, it's free! hahaha..

After dinner, we lepak n plan what to do next, we went to check out the rate for Redbox at that time, it was RM44++ ! wah lao.. too expensive for these poor *some company name* workers lah.. we end up watch the Superhero Movie at 11:55pm.. dun ask me for the review of the movie lah.. what i can say is just...lame jokes! :P i like Spiderman lar, dun lar insult my spiderman :blehz:

The movie ended after 1 and a half hour. My x-colleague had to send his gf to her car then we waited him cuz my toy is in his car ma. After awhile he came back and talked on the phone for awhile. Then suddenly he ran away n said something happened to his gf! Then all of us ran after him lo.. but lost our way =.=||| After we all kumpul together then i heard the story was that a motorcyclist broke her window and grabbed her phone while she was on the phone on the roadside.. After talking for...half an hour then we all went back to our home. i reached my house around 3am.. ><" my ex-colleague sent me an sms to apologize bout that thing. hmm..what ever happens, happened..

That was my last day working in *some company name*. I still not yet find a new job. I also dunno what should i do next. The things that got back from the previous office are still in the bag. What should i be doing now? My brain is empty. "hai tiao"...


Aaron@AxiaL said...

nice wor make wallpaper as background :D So now you have a setup, mini studio ka? lol~
By the way, hai tiao is what? Bad word ka? XD

Elvie said...

i oso dunno hai tiao is what lar hahaha.. the intern always say that 1.. :P not bad word gua..

mini studio?! kakaka.. my laptop is my 'studio' loh! :P hahaha

Satkuru said...

wahse clever clever use like that as background :P why so ganas one your last day ? anyway now u can sit back and relax before getting all busy again with a new job :P

Ichitaka Leingod said...

wow, looks like u like mini models a lot... a nice hobby but expensive :P

Elvie said...

ichitake >> erm.. no lar not my hobby lai de.. that 2 gundams altho they are mine but also other ppl buy for me geh. i just bought the L oni la :) thanks for visiting my blog eh! ^^

satkuru >> ganas baru memorable ma :D haha.. yea lah.. that's y can play cs at this hour! :whee: jom, let's go cybercafe! ^o^