Monday, September 29, 2008

Boobies *Opps*

Today's mood :>
So these days I got knitting fever. Let's see how serious I've got.

I went to Amcorp Mall cuz Mr. Ho wanted to go the Automotive Photoshooting session by Alphanatics. And as you guys know, I don't own a Sony camera, so I can't go with him. But I tried my best to enjoy my lonely time in Amcorp Mall. Heehee.

Too enjoyed until I bought 5 knitting books and 1 ifeel magazine.

I seriously become a book worm after that. Hope that I really will flip those books. swt.

Another crazy thing is this.

I USED TOOTHPICK TO KNIT AN I-CORD! due to lack of small size double-pointed needles. And it actually worked! LoLx!!

The next day, I was busy about these boobies *oops, booties*. I wanted to knit this for my niece and it ended up, I think, too small to fit her cute little feet.

I bought some buttons for this but too bad they're too big to fit into the button holes! Duh! I have to look for some smaller buttons next time :(

Now let's Eppahed to try out.

Whee~ they only fit Bigboss Eppahed! TOO BAD! hahahaha



Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

aiyoyo... cant believe u can do tat... didnt suitable lala style

Elvie said...

cuz I'm not lala lah! hehe..

Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

sure or not? everyone still think u r lala

Anna said...

You mia cbox dah pi mana???
I want to say you kena tag pun kena go thru so much trouble...

Point is YOU KENA TAG...

Elvie said...

gavin >> No ah, who? who? :P I know u like to eat lala.. no need say I'm lala geh XD

Anna >> oops, I tarak cbox mia. Hehehe. OKOK check it out now :P