Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I heart Michael Scofield

Today's mood :>
Don't tell me u dunno who's Michael Scofield.. he's the sexiest geek I've ever seen...although he's actually Wentworth Miller's body, hahahaha. I found this on the internet.. OMG sexy betul! ><"

Yeah yeah, u probably see me post in ShoutOut and Plurk Plurk.. I just can't get rid of this ler.. he's just simply 'delicious'~ ohohoho..

So I got this..

the 12" figure of Michael Scofield.. LoLx.. the body shape is so much ganas than the real person :D

More sexy pose~

Jeans Unbuttoned! :D

Okok, last 1.. with shirt

swt ler, this shirt too tight.. the body macam Lincoln Burrows.. =.= anyway there's 12" figure of Lincoln Burrows.. :) if you got extra 1:6 scale long sleeve shirt, can donate to me? cuz it looks weird that Michael Scofield wearing t-shirt ><"

hahaha ok enuff of michael scofield :P *runnzzzz*


zilch™ said...

haih. still never change haha

Satkuru said...

goodness you even have a figurine. miss goh ganas !

Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

waste money to buy all those figure... save money lah

Elvie said...

zilch >> michael scofield also nvr change become not geek ma.. hehe

satkuru >> lol.. u want see him naked? :P

gavin >> not i buy 1~~~ even is michael scofield also i din simply waste money XD