Monday, September 22, 2008

Expensive Hobbies

Today's mood :>
*sigh* the older u get, the more expensive toys u play..

when i was young (around 10 yrs old) i collected stamps..from the envelopes in my house. yeah those common 1..from malaysia somemore. lol.

Around 12 years old, I started to collect boxes.. all kinds of boxes! even the hollick candy box! duh! I was thinking maybe one day I need those boxes.. for example, gift wrapping.. but I didnt even touch them at and there's a dead lizard at the door of the cupboard.. So i'm scared to kacau it XD

but after that, I stopped collect anythings or even have any 'healthy' hobbies. I was drown in the world of cyber. (Although now im still in it :P but not so serious) I hang around cyber cafe alot, and Pacman too. 8 hours a day in cyber im working there! duh! I even ponteng my SPM accounting paper for CS(Counter Strike). shhh dun tell my family ya :X

(getting serious)
in my college, there was one Gothic gang carrying their dolls around. well for the first time seeing their dolls are 'SICK!' but now... no no, they(the dolls) are soooo beautiful and cool! the dolls are about 40cm, rm500-1000++. i really wanna get one u know.. but, my wallet..... so then i bought a 23cm (RM60 only, LoLx) in singapore. Yes, u can't get it in malaysia except purchase online.

(more serious)
to match my little doll some clothes, i started to buy re-ment. they are 1:6 scale miniature.. u can find them in those collectibles toy shops. most of the re-ment are foods.. I just bought 1 package of shoes/boots and 1 package of clothes plus the room and shelves. 1 box is cheap (RM12.90-19.90) but 1 package got 10 boxes (RM120-130). I believe i was crazy. the whole re-ment room costs around RM500! that's the most expensive toys i've ever bought!

(can't help)
so now i stopped working, means no income. I stopped buying toys, BUT i picked up knitting pulak! yeah maybe knitting in overseas is cheap hobbies, not in Malaysia. Check this out.

so the tools are not expensive COMPARE to the damn yarns! I checked out the yarns selling online, from UK, although different brand but I am sure must be more popular than the one i get, is around $5. convert to RM should be less than RM20. i really like to learn knitting but the yarns are #%)#$%!^@$-ly expensive! So please, say thank you to the person who knitted you some free stuff. :P

*ps : i spent RM100 average each time i visit the knitting shop...*sigh*


Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

means tat u really know how to spent u money when u get older

zilch™ said...


Anna said...

When you wanna knit me something jek???

Elvie said...

gavin >> is that good thing / bad thing? =.= or u wanted to say me OLD EDI?!?! cis!!!!

anna >> errr wait me master first, ok? or u learn also la~ then u knit for urself, happier :)

=/\qUa/ViC= said...

Wuahaha! your analysis of your hobbies is so true, can see the transition from age to age. Well, at least you didn't collect Sailormoon collectibles like I did when you were young :P

Hugo Lim said...

i want arrrr... one hand glove, body glove, leg glove, neck glove lah.. what else.. hmmmm

Elvie said...

Zhingyee >>
Me small kid that time no money buy Sailormoon Collectibles ler.. but bought a lot sailormoon comic books..haha dunno throw where edi luu..

HugoLim >>
ask wendy knit for u lar~~ blehz.. body glove is a shop lai eh, how to give u? LoLx.. got 1 more, c0ck glove(condom) *runz*

Gavin A.k.A Sifu said...

mean u r old lala already